The Swedish Championship week has become a tradition on SVT Sport.

This week, the coverage is expanded with an evening magazine where the host Mats Nyström is visited by exciting guests rooted in the competitions.

There will be both famous names, new profiles and experts.

In addition, reports and summaries from the competitions.

- It will be fun to get to know the Swedish Championships week for the first time and in the summary evening magazine meet athletes who are not noticed in such large doses on a daily basis, says Mats Nyström, who in the program is accompanied by Maria Wallberg.

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- Everyone has a hard time seeing all of the many event hours that are broadcast.

Kvällsmagasinet will be a form of "Sports mirror" for those who want the competition day in a compressed package, he says.

The live broadcast tonight starts at 20.00 on SVT Play, and is broadcast on SVT2 at 21.40, after Sportnytt.

One of several guests is the comedian Björn Gustafsson who is making his debut as a map reader in rally, next to the driver Patrik Hallberg.

The rest of the week, the magazine is broadcast on SVT Play every night starting at 7.30 pm.

You can write questions and send pictures to the program via SVT's Duo app.