It has been decided that Takumi Minamino, who has played a central role in the attack on the Japan national football team, will be transferred to Monaco, a powerful player in the French first division league.

The 27-year-old Minamino is a player with a high level of offensive sense, such as shooting and passing accuracy, and dribbling skills, and can handle multiple offensive positions such as forwards, wings, and under the top.

He plays a central role in the attack on the Japanese national team, playing 42 games and scoring 17 goals.

Minamino played for the English Premier League powerhouse Liverpool last season and contributed to the title by scoring 10 goals in domestic cup games, but in the league match with a team with abundant offensive talent. The starting lineup was only one match.

Minamino was looking for a transfer in search of more opportunities to play, but on the 28th, Monaco of the French first division announced that he had signed a four-year contract with Minamino.

Monaco finished third in the league last season and is set to qualify for the European Champions League this season.

Through the club, Minamino said, "I am very happy to have a great tradition and join the most well-known club in the French First Division. I look forward to doing my best to help the team in the new environment." I have commented.