It turned out that a male director in his 50s, who was in charge of accounting at the Osaka Volleyball Association, had been wearing more than 25 million yen from the association's account in 6 years.

This was announced at a press conference by the Osaka Prefecture Volleyball Association.

According to it, when the association's financial results for fiscal 2019 found about 47 million yen of unclear money, an internal investigation was conducted, and a male director in his 50s who had been in charge of accounting since 2005 was 6 from 2014. It turned out that he was wearing 25.79 million yen over the year.

The director had withdrawn cash 52 times from the account that managed the association's reserves, etc., and treated it as advance money on his books.

He then told the association's investigation that he "used it to charge for Internet services," and that he had paid all the money he had taken by this month.

In addition, according to the certified accountants who attended the press conference, the remaining 21 million yen was not properly accounted for, although it was not diverted privately.

Shunichi Kawai, chairman of the Japan Volleyball Association, also attended the press conference and said, "I was surprised at the amount of money. I am a thief, so I usually stick out to the police. I want you to pay for my crimes."

He expressed his intention to file a criminal accusation with the director, and announced that he had instructed the Osaka Prefecture Volleyball Association to be incorporated by March next year in order to thoroughly manage accounting.