Xinhua News Agency, Kunming, June 27th. Comments: "Physical education classes are not occupied" The exercise rights of students who have entered the law need to be guaranteed

  Xinhua News Agency reporter Yue Ranran

  The newly revised Sports Law was promulgated recently. Among them, provisions such as ensuring that physical education classes are not occupied and exercising at least one hour a day in school fully reflect the national will to strengthen the physical fitness of young people and promote their all-round development.

  The health of adolescents is the concern of society and parents.

For a period of time, the physical education class has been occupied, "the physical education teacher is sick", and the lack of daily exercise time has not only made the children lose their right to exercise, but also caused the number of "little glasses" and "little fat piers" to increase, and children have health risks to varying degrees. .

  Faced with the predicament that the main indicators of physical health of children and adolescents in our country have been declining year by year, a series of policies have been successively issued from the central to the local governments, requiring "full physical education classes". However, some schools still do not implement them in place. Students' sports injuries and other factors make the content of physical education classes conservative and students are not interested, and "exam-oriented physical education classes" and "non-sweating physical education classes" have become routine.

  The newly revised Sports Law puts youth and school sports in a strategic position of priority development, clearly states that the state should include physical education subjects in the scope of junior high school and high school academic level examinations, and adds "ensure that physical education class hours are not occupied" and "guarantee students every day during school." "Participate in no less than one hour of physical exercise" and other provisions... These revisions not only reflect the country's determination to strengthen the physical fitness of young people, but also mean that children's rights to enjoy physical education classes and exercise for one hour in school are protected by law.

  For a long time, physical education classes have not been valued, and children have not enough time to exercise. The root cause is the deformed and utilitarian education concept.

In order to clear the source, we need to change the mentality of "labeling children with scores", so that the whole society has a deeper recognition of quality education and core literacy.

At the same time, physical education teachers also need to seriously study the new curriculum standards that have just been introduced, give good physical education classes, and teach children one or two sports skills, so that they can truly integrate into and immerse themselves in sports, enjoy sports fun, and cultivate the habit of lifelong exercise.

  What needs to be vigilant is that children's exercise rights may still be violated in reality. For this reason, relevant departments need to strengthen supervision, complaint and reporting mechanisms to ensure that "physical education classes are not occupied, and exercise at school is not less than one hour a day." become the norm in all schools.

  If sports are strong, China will be strong, and if national sports are prosperous, sports will be prosperous.

Guaranteeing students' right to exercise not only tests the school's original intention of "everything for children", but also tests the perseverance of parents and relevant departments in supervision and management, and also tests the determination of the whole society to persevere and attach importance to sports.