The Major League Baseball has announced the disposition of 12 players for both teams, including the suspension of the Angels acting coach Nevin for 10 games in the brawl between the Angels and the Mariners on the 26th.

In this game, the Angels starting pitcher Wants gave a dead ball to the Mariners No. 4 Winker player in the second inning, and both teams got into a big brawl and eight people were sent off.

On the 27th, the Major League Baseball Organization announced that it has imposed suspension and fines on a total of 12 players from both teams.

The heaviest disposition was the Angels acting coach Nevin, who was suspended for 10 games because he was responsible for deliberately throwing the dead ball that triggered the brawl to the pitcher.

The Angels will be appointed mainly in the lead scene, where Rendon, who was on the injured list but went out to the ground and had a brawl for the first time, was suspended for five games after returning from the injured list, and pitcher Wants. Nine people were punished, including the suspension of pitcher Tepera for three games and the suspension of pitcher Iglesias for two games.

On the other hand, on the Mariners side, Winker, who was hit by a dead ball and had a hard time with Rendon, was suspended for seven games.

However, the disposition was limited to three players, and the Major League Baseball Organization took responsibility for giving the dead ball intentionally by the Angels.

The punishment will be applied from the match on the 27th, and the Angels will be led by Montgomery's bench coach on behalf of Nevin, but the Angels' Iglesias and Tepera and three Mariners players disagree. Disposition is pending due to the allegation.