Football is a tough game, but some positions are tougher than others! Check out our article to find out if your position is the most difficult!

What Is The Hardest Position To Play In Football

Have you ever wondered what the hardest position is in football? Scoring goals is difficult, but so is saving! In this article, we will show you the 5 toughest football positions so that you can dominate anywhere on the football field! But did you know that learning football positions can also help you make the right wagers at GG Bet Polska and collect some extra cash? Read on to find out more!

1. Goalkeeper

Typically on the playground or schoolboy football, the worst player on the field was handed the gloves and sent to look after the goals. However, at the professional level, this position is incredibly difficult to master!

Modern goalkeepers are tall, explosive, and strong with amazing acrobatic abilities. If you don’t have an imposing physique, you will never play goalkeeper! It isn’t just the athletic abilities that goalkeepers need to have which makes this position extremely tough, it is the pressure. Goalkeepers are on their own, they can’t rely on teammates, and when they make a mistake, it often results in a goal. A single error from a goalkeeper can lose a team the match!

2. Striker

Strikers need to have amazing control of the ball, lightning-quick acceleration, and impeccable timing, not to mention the ability to capitalize on small changes and quickly get their shot off.

It is very hard for strikers to score because in the modern game, defenders give them so little time, and goalkeepers consistently make awesome saves. Strikers must have the ability to take a quick first touch and explosively smash the ball into the top or bottom corner.  Strikers are under huge amounts of pressure, and if they can’t score consistently, they are quickly dropped from the side.

3. Central Midfielder

Central midfielders need to be able to do it all. They must be great on the ball and possess awesome dribbling and passing skills. Central midfielders need to be little on-field generals and organize the team’s formation. This may be the most physically demanding position on the field, and central midfielders will typically run the most compared to other positions.

4. Fullback

If you aren’t lightning quick, then you won’t survive as a fullback! Fullbacks can’t just be fast; they also have to possess the stamina to last the full 90 minutes. A great fullback must be an expert tackler and know when to make darting runs down the sideline with and without the ball.

5. Defensive Midfielder

This might be the toughest position on the field because you are typically tasked with defending the best player on the opposition’s team. You must juggle these defensive duties with a wide range of attacking duties. Defensive midfielders typically start the attacking sequence and need to find the right pass and prevent turnovers.

Wrapping Up

The goalkeeper is the most difficult position on the football field. A single mistake can lose the match, and if a goalkeeper makes a poor mistake, they can instantly lose their starting position.