Next month, Seibu's draft No. 1 rookie from Nagasaki Prefecture, pitcher Chihiro Sumida, etc. were selected as members of the "Fresh All-Star Game" by young professional baseball players to be held in Nagasaki City.

The "Fresh All-Star Game" will be held in Nagasaki City, and young players up to the fifth year of joining the team, who have high future potential, will participate in the east and west of their team.

On the 27th, 42 players were announced by NPB = Nippon Professional Baseball, and in the Eastern League by 7 teams from eastern Japan, Seibu's first draft rookie from Nagasaki Prefecture, pitcher Sumita, was selected.

Pitcher Sumita, who was nominated by the four teams at the draft meeting last year, has entered the opening rotation and has started 11 games so far, with a record of 1 win and 7 losses.

In the Eastern League, Nippon-Ham Draft No. 1 and pitcher Kota Tatsu were also selected.

In addition, from the Western League by the five teams of Western Japan, pitcher Daichi Moriki, the first-ranked rookie in the draft of the Hanshin Tigers, was selected.

Moriki hasn't pitched in the 1st army yet, but in the 2nd army, he started the game against Hiroshima on the 25th of last month, throwing 6 innings, 3 hits and no runs, and taking 8 strikeouts to win his first victory. , I am steadily strengthening.

In addition, Kenta Bright, Orix, and Ren Mukunoki were also selected as Rookie Chunichi, who was the first in the draft.

The "Fresh All-Star Game" will be held at the Nagasaki Prefectural Baseball Stadium on the 23rd of next month.