The clear pool water knocked against the pool wall, opening the prelude to the diving feast.

  On the evening of the 26th, Beijing time, the men's double 3-meter springboard final of the 19th World Swimming Championships ended.

The Chinese team Cao Yuan/Wang Zongyuan took the lead all the way and won the championship with 459.18 points, taking the first gold in the diving event of this World Championships.

Image source: Screenshot of FINA's official website

  This competition is the highest international competition for the Chinese diving team after entering the Paris Olympic cycle.

The diving "Dream Team" has attracted the attention of diving fans.

World Championships, a good start

  In the preliminaries held on the afternoon of the 26th, Beijing time, Cao Yuan/Wang Zongyuan played impeccably, ranking first with 446.07 points, and successfully advanced to the final.

  In the final, Cao Yuan/Wang Zongyuan took the lead after the first jump. From the take-off link to the splash control of entering the water, the coordination of their movements remained highly consistent.

  As Cao Yuan/Wang Zongyuan showed 109C action in the 6th round, they won the championship.

Facing the camera, Wang Zongyuan excitedly "compared his heart".

Image source: Screenshot of FINA's official website

  This is the 5th time that 27-year-old Cao Yuan has participated in the World Championships, and 20-year-old Wang Zongyuan has entered the public eye more after the Tokyo Olympics.

In fact, the two are a brand new combination, but after jumping and diving into the water again and again, their tacit understanding has been significantly improved.

Taking the gold medal this time is also an affirmation of Cao Yuan/Wang Zongyuan's previous efforts.

  The debut of this pair is also a major feature of the Chinese diving team's opening of the Paris Olympics cycle, bringing the old to the new.

Taking the old to lead the new Chinese diving team

Data map: In the women's 10-meter platform final in the Tokyo Olympics diving event, Chinese athlete Quan Hongchan won the championship.

The picture shows Quan Hongchan and Chen Yuxi holding a five-star red flag for a group photo after the award ceremony.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Du Yang

  In this World Championships, a total of 17 Chinese diving teams will go out, led by 6 Olympic champions Cao Yuan, Quan Hongchan, Chen Yuxi, Zhang Jiaqi, Ren Qian and Wang Zongyuan, and will participate in all 13 events.

  In the list, newcomers occupy a larger proportion.

The Chinese diving team said that the goal of the World Championships is the Paris Olympics. Through competitions, the team will be trained, problems and shortcomings will be identified, the ability of young athletes to participate in international competitions will be tempered, and the coaching level of young coaches in the international arena will be improved. Maintain the dominant position of Chinese diving and strive to achieve excellent results.

  Turning back the time to the Tokyo Olympics, the Chinese diving team, which was dominated by many veterans, handed over an excellent answer sheet of 7 golds and 5 silvers.

Data map: China's Cao Yuan won the championship in the men's 10-meter platform diving final at the Tokyo Olympics.

The picture shows Cao Yuan celebrating winning the championship.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Du Yang

  After officially entering the Paris Olympic cycle, the Chinese team has completed a partial "exchange", and many "post-00s" players have begun to take on the heavy responsibility of the competition.

The 28-year-old platform jumper Yang Jian has become the oldest player in this expedition.

  From the 3-meter board to the 10-meter platform, from brand new combinations to familiar partners, the Chinese team will conduct in-team test simulation competitions every weekend for a long time before setting off for the World Championships.

  During the Dragon Boat Festival, the team conducted the last test before the World Championships. Zhou Jihong, the leader of the Chinese diving team, said: "Every test has been improved to a certain extent, especially the synchronization consistency and tacit understanding of the two-person event, but the probability of success in action and action The quality needs to be further enhanced.”

Meritorious veteran who changed his identity

  After the Tokyo Olympics, veteran veterans such as Shi Tingmao, Wang Han, and Chen Aisen quietly retired, and Shi Tingmao has begun to serve as an assistant coach of the springboard project.

  In the new Olympic cycle, Chen Yiwen, born in 1999, and Chang Yani, born in 2002, have become the main players in the Chinese team's women's double three-meter springboard event.

  At the Tokyo Diving World Cup last year, Chen Yiwen won the women's single three-meter springboard championship, and the Chen Yiwen/Chang Yani combination won the women's double three-meter springboard championship.

This time, the two will also strive to achieve another success in the traditional advantageous projects of the Chinese team.

Data map: China's Chen Ruolin/Liu Huixia won the gold medal in the women's 10-meter diving platform at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

The picture shows Chen Ruolin accepting the award.

Photo by China News Service reporter Du Yang

  At the end of last year, the Olympic "Five Gold Kings" Chen Ruolin became the head coach of Quan Hongchan's national team.

  At the Tokyo Olympics, the then 14-year-old Quan Hongchan stunned the world with 3 perfect moves in the final, creating the highest score in the history of the women's 10-meter platform competition, attracting countless fans.

  Chen Ruolin, as a former legendary female 10-meter platform player, has attracted much attention for their hand in hand.

  In the previous team test, the women's single 10-meter platform also attracted much attention.

Quan Hongchan and Chen Yuxi have staged "fights of gods" many times. After Quan Hongchan took the lead with 450.15 points, Chen Yuxi won 2 times in a row.

  For the young Quan Hongchan, this is her first World Championship trip.

In the women's single 10-meter platform preliminaries that ended earlier, Chen Yuxi and Quan Hongchan scored 413.95 points and 410.85 points, ranking first and second respectively, and successfully advanced to the semi-finals.

  After Quan Hongchan finished each round of action, the camera would always turn to show Chen Ruolin, who was applauding her junior sister off the field.

It can be seen that this pair of masters and apprentices are working together to achieve their dreams.

Image source: Screenshot of netizen comments

  At the 2019 Gwangju Swimming World Championships, the Chinese diving team won 12 gold medals, of which four Olympic single events won the championship and runner-up, showing a strong dominance.

  This time, can the Chinese diving team, which "brings the old to lead the new", continue to write brilliantly in Budapest?

We will wait and see.

  Author: Liu Xingchen