On the 26th, the Angels, the major league baseball player to which Shohei Ohtani belongs, had a brawl over the dead ball in the Mariners game, and a total of eight people from both teams were sent off.

In the Angels-Mariners match held at the Angel Stadium on the 26th, the Angels starting pitcher Onez pitcher gave a dead ball to the Mariners' fourth winker player from the benches of both teams. And the coach jumped out to the ground and became a brawl.

Otani, who was on the bench, was also seen soothing the Mariners players behind the circle of conflict, and Ippei Mizuhara, an interpreter, was also seen protecting Otani so that he would not be involved in the brawl.

The match was interrupted for 18 minutes due to this ruckus, and the Angels were sent off by pitcher Onez who hit the dead ball, acting coach Nevin, pitcher Iglesias of restraint, and pitcher Tepera of relief, and the relief pitcher who throws mainly in the lead game. It was decided to continue the match without two people.

On the other hand, the Mariners also lack the three main players who started in the starting lineup, with four players, Winker, service manager, Crawford, and Rodriguez, being sent off.

In the match between the two teams, there was a scene where the Angels mainstay Trout was thrown a dangerous ball near his head in the game on the 25th, and in this game the next day, the Angels ones pitcher was the Mariners' second pitcher. Throwing a dangerous ball through Rodriguez's back was seen as a retaliation, and the referee declared a warning.