Six games were played in professional baseball, and in the match between the Central League leader Yakult and the second-placed giant, the giant won a big victory 19-5.

Nippon-Ham loses 7 consecutive games

▽ It is the Pacific League.

Softbank vs. Nippon-Ham was won by Softbank 3-0.

Win, pitcher Ozeki 5 wins and 3 losses.

Losing, pitcher Ito 5 wins and 6 losses.

Home run, Softbank Taisei Makihara No. 5.

In the 4th inning, Umino's third hit invited the opponent's fielder's choice to take the lead, and Mimori's sacrifice fly added one point.

In the 8th inning, Taisei Makihara expanded his lead with No. 5 solo.

Starting pitcher Ozeki held down to four hits and decorated the second shutout victory of the season with no four balls.

Nippon-Ham was unable to support pitcher Ito, who pitched well with 2 goals in the 6th inning, and lost 7 consecutive games.

In Rakuten vs. Seibu, Seibu won 2-0.

Win, pitcher Hirai 4 wins and 4 losses.

Save, pitcher Masuda 1 win 20 saves.

Losing, pitcher Shinjima 2 wins and 1 loss.

Home run, Seibu Jansen player No. 1.

Seibu broke the equilibrium in the 7th inning of 0-0, which was Jansen's first home run in Japan, and escaped with a shutout relay by four pitchers.

Starting pitcher Hirai scored 6 hits with 3 hits for the 4th win, and Masuda pitched the 20th save.

Rakuten pitched well with starting pitcher Shinjima with 2 runs in the 7th inning, but there was no support from the batting line.

Lotte vs. Orix, Orix won 4-0.

Win, pitcher Yamamoto 8 wins and 3 losses.

Save, Yoshihisa Hirano Pitcher Pitcher 2 wins 2 losses 19 saves.

Losing, Shoma Sato pitcher 1 win 4 losses.

Home run, Orix Masataka Yoshida No. 6.

In the 1st inning, Masataka Yoshida took the lead in a timely manner, in the 2nd inning with Fukuda, in the 4th inning with Oshiro in a timely manner, and in the 7th inning with Masataka Yoshida's two consecutive home runs. I pushed it out with No. 6 solo.

Starting pitcher Yamamoto pitched eight innings with no runs and scored the league's top eight wins.

Orix has won four straight games.

Lotte lost the shutout for two games in a row.

Stop at Yakult's 3 consecutive wins

▽ It is the Central League.

Yakult vs. Giants, the Giants won 19-5.

Win, shoemaker pitcher 4 wins 4 losses.

Losing, Cy Sneed pitcher 4 wins and 2 losses.

Home run giant Riku Masuda No. 3, Polanco player No. 9, No. 10, Walker player No. 16, Maru player No. 14, Yuasa player No. 1.

Yakult Aoki No. 3 and Osuna No. 7.

The Giants scored 4 points in a timely two-base double with Kazuma Okamoto and Oshiro.

After the second inning, he steadily accumulated points with a total of six home runs, including Riku Masuda's No. 3 solo, and both won a big victory with 19 hits and 19 points, the most in this season.

Starting pitcher Shoemaker scored his fourth win with four goals in the middle of the sixth inning.

In Yakult, the pitchers collapsed and the winning streak stopped at 3.

Hanshin vs. Chunichi won 10-0.

Win, Masashi Itoh 4 wins and 2 losses.

Losing, pitcher Fukutani 1 win 3 losses.

In the first inning, Itohara took the lead with a timely hit, and in the second inning, Oyama doubled to score three points, expanding his lead.

Starting pitcher Masashi Itoh hit two points in a timely manner in the fourth inning, and pitched nine hits up to eight innings, scoring his fourth win with no runs.

In Chunichi, starting pitcher Fukutani collapsed to 9 goals in the 4th inning, and he couldn't take advantage of his chances to hit the line, resulting in 4 consecutive losses.

In DeNA vs. Hiroshima, Hiroshima won 5-4.

Win, pitcher Morishita 5 wins and 5 losses.

Save, pitcher Kuribayashi 1 loss 15 saves.

Losing pitcher Hamaguchi 2 wins and 3 losses.

In the 3rd inning of 0 to 2, Ryosuke Kikuchi's timely two-base, Kento Nakamura's 2-point timely, and Hatsuki's timely scored 5 points to make a comeback.

Starting pitcher Morishita scored his fifth win with four goals in the seventh inning, and Hiroshima had four consecutive wins with a draw in between.

DeNA starting pitcher Hamaguchi couldn't play a role with 5 runs in the 4th inning, and the batting line wasn't connected after the middle stage.