As tackles from next season will also be allowed in the SDHL, referees will be able to judge in all three series.

“It will be easier for existing women judges to take the step over to become chief judges and men judges will have the opportunity for practical training in the 4-judge system.

This also provides an opportunity to conduct matches with the help of coaching of 4-referee-trained referees with practical experience from, for example, the SHL and the hockey Allsvenskan ", says David Bergman, referee responsible for the Swedish Ice Hockey Association in a press release.

SHL referee Tobias Björk hopes to be able to contribute with experience now that he will also be able to judge in SDHL.

"I hope and believe that we SHL referees can contribute much of our experience of both the 4-referee system and the refereeing role in general to our colleagues in SDHL and at the same time get the same exchange back by getting to know their challenges and conditions", he says.

CLIP: Here are the benefits of tackles in SDHL (20/5)

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These are the benefits of tackles in the SDHL - hear Brynäs forward and national team player Jenny Antonsson.

Photo: Markus Dahlberg / SVT