In the winter of 2020, the sad news of the death of the legendary star Maradona made fans around the world heartache.

However, no one might have thought at that time that the aftermath could not be subsided for a year and a half.

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  According to Reuters, a ruling document released a few days ago shows that after the investigation into the death of the legendary Argentine star Maradona due to a sudden heart attack in November 2020, a total of 8 people, including doctors, nurses and psychologists, were investigated. The man will be tried in an Argentine court for homicide.

  After the death of "ball king" Maradona, fans have been waiting for the truth.

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2020.11.26 (Beijing time)

  Maradona died of cardiac arrest at home at the age of 60 more than 20 days after successful surgery on a brain hematoma.

  After Maradona's body was sent for an autopsy, a prosecutor confirmed there was no sign of violence, according to multiple foreign media reports.

"An autopsy is underway to determine the unquestioned cause of death, but at this stage we can say that everything points to natural death."

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November 26, 2020 (local time)

  The farewell ceremony for Maradona's body was held at the Rosary Palace, the Presidential Palace in Buenos Aires, and a large number of fans came to the scene to say his final farewell.

Meanwhile, fans around the world mourned the football superstar.

  Agence France-Presse reported that Maradona's coffin was covered with the Argentine flag and the No. 10 jersey.

A large number of fans gathered at the scene, some threw flowers at the coffin, some covered their faces and wept.

November 29, 2020 (local time)

  Police in Argentina's Buenos Aires province have searched the home and office of Maradona's personal doctor, Luke.

  The police said they would launch an investigation into Luke on the charge of "manslaughter" to find out whether there were medical negligence and neglect of duty in the recovery process after Maradona's surgery, which led to Maradona. Donna's death.

Data map: Maradona's coffin arrived at the Bellavista cemetery on the outskirts of the capital Buenos Aires, and people spontaneously escorted the hearse by the roadside.

  According to Agence France-Presse, Luke tearfully told the media after the investigation, "I have done everything I can." He regarded Maradona as his "friend" and even "a father, not a patient." .

December 1, 2020 (local time)

  Argentine judicial investigators involved in the case said the lack of adequate medical attention was "absolute negligence" after Maradona underwent surgery for a subdural hematoma.

  Another Maradona doctor, Agustina Korsakhov, is under investigation.

Police searched her home and office and confiscated her mobile phone, computer and medical documents.

December 23, 2020 (local time)

  According to several Spanish media reports, Maradona's autopsy report showed that there was no alcohol or illegal drugs in his body.

In addition, according to toxicology studies, it was found that the deceased had taken some psychotropic drugs.

Data map: In Buenos Aires, Argentina, a huge portrait of the famous football player Maradona was painted on the bottom of a local swimming pool to pay tribute to the "ball king".

January 7, 2021 (local time)

  Argentine police announced that two cases were found in the home of Maradona's personal doctor Luke, who was previously investigated for "manslaughter" by the police.

  One of the authorizations has traces of practicing Maradona's signature several times.

May 1, 2021 (Beijing time)

  According to AFP, a panel of medical experts released a report on April 30 that found Maradona had failed to receive adequate medical treatment before his death, that his treatment was riddled with "deficiencies and irregularities", and that if proper medical treatment With proper treatment at the facility, he "has a better chance of survival."

  The medical team said the therapists at the time left Maradona's survival "in the hands of fate".

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May 19, 2021 (local time)

  Prosecutors charged the two leaders of Maradona's medical team, as well as five other medical professionals, with manslaughter.

  Since then, Argentina's state news agency has revealed that the judge presiding over Maradona's death has formally indicted seven members of Maradona's medical care team for "temporary intentional murder".

November 8, 2021 (local time)

  Seven members of Maradona's medical team came to a court in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to be investigated.

Previously, these seven people had been accused of "manslaughter" and "temporary intentional murder", which led to the death of the "ball king".

  Among them, Maradona's personal doctor Luke is still the most suspect.

June 22, 2022 (local time)

  In the 236-page document seen by Reuters, the judge in charge of the case questioned "each defendant's actions -- active or inaction -- caused and contributed to the achievement of harmful results."

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  Under Argentine law, they are usually sentenced to eight to 25 years in prison if convicted.

  A trial date has not yet been set.

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  Maradona, this name carries the youth of too many people.

However, this superstar who is like a god in the football world has been repeatedly mentioned in this way after leaving, which is somewhat helpless.

  A year and a half later, those who love him are still waiting for the truth to come.