China News Service, Beijing, June 23 (Reporter Wang Hao) On the 23rd Beijing time, FIFA updated the latest national team world rankings.

The Chinese men's team slipped to No. 78 in the world with 1,304.02 points, the team's lowest ranking in the past four years.

At the same time, the Chinese men's football team in Asia dropped out of the top 10 and ranked 11th.

  The top three teams in this issue are Brazil, Belgium and Argentina.

The top ten teams in Asia are: Iran, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Oman and Uzbekistan.

  No. 78, which is the lowest world ranking of the Chinese men's football team in the past four years.

Some fans joked that this may also be the highest in the next four years...

Screenshots of fan comments.

  As fans have said, the national football team is indeed facing increasingly fierce competition in the Asian region.

In the intercontinental playoffs of the Qatar World Cup that ended in the early morning of the 14th Beijing time, Australia eliminated Peru and successfully advanced.

The AFC finally has 6 teams to participate in the Qatar World Cup, for the first time in history.

  While the friends in the Asian region are making great strides, the situation of the Chinese team is not very good.

The last official match of the Chinese men's football team was the final round of the Asian top 12 preliminaries in March against the Oman team. The national football team lost 0:2 to the opponent.

After that game, the Chinese team ended the top 12 with 1 win, 3 draws and 6 losses, and missed the World Cup again.

  Nearly 100 days after the World Preliminaries ended, the most important question about the future direction of the national football team is still unresolved - there is no official statement on the departure and retention of the current coach Li Xiaopeng.

Data map: Li Xiaopeng.

Image source: ICphoto

  After Li Tie led the team with poor results in the top 12, Li Xiaopeng went to the front line, but he failed to change the appearance of the national football team much.

After the top 12 match, there was a lot of talk that Li Xiaopeng would be "dismissed", but so far there is no definite statement.

  Not only that, although the Chinese team that advanced from the second stage of the Asian Cup qualifiers has qualified for the final stage, due to the relocation of the Asian Cup in 2023, the drop in the world ranking will directly affect the results of the national football team, which in turn will affect the team group. Outline situation.

  With the outlook so uncertain, it's no wonder fans collectively chanted when they saw the latest edition of the world rankings.

The Chinese men's volleyball team defeated the Brazilian men's volleyball team.

  Under such circumstances, the national football team can only win back the hearts of fans through its own performance.

Specifically how to do it, perhaps the international player can refer to the national men's volleyball player next door.

  In the World Men's Volleyball League held a few days ago, the Chinese team swept the defending champion Brazil 3-0 at home, and directly pulled the opponent down from the world's No. 1 throne.

After the game, many fans offered warm praise to the men's volleyball boys.

Data map: Players of the Chinese team celebrate a goal in the Asian top 12 of the World Preliminaries.

  The gap in strength cannot be made up overnight, but the fighting spirit on the field can be maintained at all times.

The world ranking is a reflection of past achievements, but the road ahead still requires the boys of the national football team to take step by step.

  Hope they can surprise fans in the future too!