There was criticism, including on social media, that the lifeguards were not fast enough.

What do you say about that?

- They were fast enough.

I do not think that criticism is fair.

The trainer was very fast, she might have expected something to happen.

We know this girl, it's happened before.

Among other places in Barcelona last year, when it happened twice.

I think they were extra vigilant.

If you look back, the rear guards did a good job, says van den Hoogenband.

van den Hoogenband is chairman of the medical committee of the international swimming federation Fina.

He believes that the lifeguards next to the pool did their job.

- I have nothing to point out, but all guidelines have been followed.

We have the best medical teams here, I'm not worried, he continues.

CLIP: American Anita Alvarez fainted in the water

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American Anita Alvarez fainted in the water Photo: TT News Agency