Six games were played in professional baseball, and Rakuten took the lead in the Pacific League, replacing Softbank.

▽ It is the Central League.

▽ Giants vs. DeNA, Giants won 5-4.

▼ Pitcher Imamura 1 win 2 defeat

▼ Save Pitcher 1 win 1 defeat 22 Save

▼ Pitcher Ise 1 win 1 defeat

▼ Home run

giant Kazuma Okamoto No. 19, Walker No. 15

DeNA, Minei 2 No. Sano No. 7

Giants won 4 to 4 7 times with Walker's No. 15 solo.

The fifth pitcher, Imamura, won his first victory of the season.

In DeNA, starting pitcher Ishida did not play a role with 4 runs in the 3rd inning, and the 4th pitcher Ise had his first black star this season.

▽ Hiroshima vs. Hanshin extended 11 times, Hiroshima won 5-4 by goodbye.

▼ Pitcher Matsumoto 1 win 1 defeat

▼ Losing Alcantara pitcher 1 win 2 defeat 1 save

▼ Home run

Hiroshima / Sakakura player No. 5 Ugusa player No. 1

Hiroshima was overtaken by 3 to 4 in the 10th inning, but that back, Sakakura's No. 5 solo scored a tie, and Ugusa's No. 1 solo scored the match in the 11th inning.

The sixth rookie, pitcher Matsumoto, won his first professional victory.

In Hanshin, pitcher Alcantara has lost three games in a row due to a miscalculation.

▽ Chunichi vs. Yakult, Yakult won 7-3.

▼ Winning Hara pitcher 5 wins 3 losses

▼ Losing Sobue pitcher 2 wins 3 losses

▼ Home run

Yakult Hamada No. 6

Yakult won the tie in the 6th inning with Hamada's No. 6 Touran, and in the 7th inning, Nakamura's 2-point timely two-base widened the lead.

Nakamura was active with 2 hits and 5 RBIs.

Starting pitcher Hara scored his fifth win with three goals in five innings.

After the 6th inning, the relief team did not get enough and scored goals.

▽ It is the Pacific League.

▽ Rakuten vs. Nippon-Ham, Rakuten won the goodbye 6-3.

▼ Winning pitcher Nishiguchi 2 wins

▼ Losing pitcher Kitayama 3 wins 5 losses 7 saves

▼ Home run

Rakuten Asamura player No. 12 Shimauchi player No. 4.

Nippon-Ham Fighter Go Matsumoto No. 3

Rakuten decided the match with Shimauchi's No. 4 three-run from 2 out 1st base 2nd base in the 9th inning of 3 to 3.

The fourth pitcher, Nishiguchi, who held down the ninth inning with three people, won the second victory.

Rakuten has risen to the top.

Nippon-Ham has lost five consecutive games, with Go Matsumoto not being able to play three RBIs, including one home run.

▽ Lotte vs. Seibu, Lotte won 2-1.

▼ Winning Roki Sasaki 6 wins 1 loss

▼ Save Masuda pitcher 1 loss 17 save

▼ Losing He is ence pitcher 4 wins 4 losses

Lotte takes the lead in the 4th inning with Yasuda's timely two base, and in the 8th inning Laird's sacrifice Added 1 point on the fly.

Starting pitcher Roki Sasaki scored three hits in seven innings and scored his sixth win since the 20th of last month with a good pitcher without any runs.

Seibu was finally able to return 1 point in the 9th inning.

▽ Orix vs. Softbank, Orix won 5-0.

▼ Winning Tajima pitcher 3 wins 3 losses

▼ Losing Higashihama pitcher 6 wins 2 losses

▼ Home run

Orix Sugimoto No. 8

Orix took the lead with Sugimoto's No. 8 three-run in the 6th inning, and Fukuda's timely three-base in the 7th inning. I added 2 points.

Starting pitcher Tajima kept down to four hits and won his third win with a shutout for the first time in two seasons.

Softbank suffered an eighth shutout defeat this season and retreated to second place.