Six games were played in professional baseball, and Yakult, the leader of the Central League, lost to Chunichi, and the winning streak stopped at eight.

Pacific League

▽ Rakuten vs. Nippon-Ham, Rakuten won 3-0.

▼ Win, Pitcher Norimoto 5 wins 2 losses

▼ Save, Yuki Matsui 1 win 2 losses 17 saves

▼ Loss, Pitcher Yoshida 1 win 2 losses

▼ Home run, Rakuten Asamura No. 11

Rakuten is 5 times, Ota's 2 point time Lee took the lead, and in the following 6th inning, Asamura scored an additional point with No. 11 solo.

Starting pitcher Takahiro Norimoto scored his fifth win with three hits and no runs in the middle of the seventh inning.

Rakuten's losing streak stopped at 3.

In Nippon-Ham, starting pitcher Yoshida couldn't keep up with 2 runs in the middle of the 5th inning, and the batting line was silent, resulting in 4 consecutive losses.

▽ Lotte vs. Seibu, Seibu won 3-0.

▼ Win, Pitcher Matsumoto 4 wins 2 losses

▼ Save, Pitcher Masuda 1 win 18 saves

▼ Loss, Pitcher Kojima 1 win 6 losses

Seibu greeted 0-0 7 times, Yamakawa broke the balance in a timely manner, 8 times Added two points to O'Grady's timely two-base and Tonosaki's timely.

Starting pitcher Matsumoto got off the mound after being hit by a double base, which was his first hit in the game from 2 outs in the 8th inning, but he scored his 4th win with a good pitch without any runs.

Seibu returned to 50% of the winning percentage and came in third place alone.

In Lotte, starting pitcher Kojima pitched well with 1 goal in the 7th inning, but the batting line was limited to 2 hits and the winning streak stopped at 4.

▽ Orix vs. Softbank, Orix won 4-3.

▼ Win, Pitcher Miyagi 6 wins 3 losses

▼ Save, Yoshihisa Hirano 2 wins 2 losses 18 saves

▼ Pitcher Ishikawa 2 wins 3 losses

▼ Home run, Orix Kurebayashi No. 2

Orix caught up with Keita Nakagawa in a timely two-base four times, chasing one point, and in the seventh inning, Kotaro Kurebayashi's No. 2 solo and Sugimoto's timely beat three points.

Starting pitcher Miyagi scored his sixth win with two goals in the middle of the eighth inning.

Softbank caught up in the final stage, but did not reach it, and the winning streak stopped at 3.

Central League

▽ Giants vs. DeNA, DeNA won 3 to 1.

▼ Win, Escobar pitcher 4 wins 1 save

▼ Save, Yamazaki pitcher 2 losses 13 saves

▼ Loss, Vieira pitcher 2 losses

▼ Home run, DeNA Soto player No. 5 Giant Walker player No. 14.

In the 8th inning of 1 to 1, DeNA won by Kazuki Kamizato, who participated halfway from bases loaded, hitting 2 points in a timely manner.

The third pitcher, Escobar, won his fourth win.

Giants starting pitcher Togo pitched well with one goal in the 7th inning, but the batting line did not take advantage of repeated chances.

▽ Hiroshima vs. Hanshin, Hiroshima won 5-3.

▼ Win, Pitcher Tokoda 7 wins 3 losses

▼ Save, Pitcher Kuribayashi 1 loss 14 saves

▼ Loss, Pitcher Yuki Nishi 4 wins 5 losses

▼ Home run, Hanshin Oyama player No. 18

Hiroshima is McBroom player's timely 1 at a time In the 5th inning, Noma, Ugusa, and Ryosuke Kikuchi scored 4 points in a timely manner.

Starting pitcher Hiroki Tokoda took advantage of his slowness and scored his seventh win with two goals in the seventh inning, and Hiroshima stopped the losing streak with five.

In Hanshin, starting pitcher Yuki Nishi was not able to score 5 goals in the 5th inning, and this season he lost 8 games in a row with one draw of this card.

▽ Chunichi vs. Yakult won the goodbye 10 times, with Chunichi 2-1.

▼ Win, Rodriguez pitcher 3 wins 2 losses

▼ Loss, Konno pitcher 1 win 1 loss 1 save

▼ Home run, Yakult Osuna No. 6

Chunichi decided the game with a hitter by Taiki Mitsumata as a bases loaded with 2 outs with 10 innings of 1 to 1 and 2 hits.

Starting pitcher Ogasawara pitched well with one goal in the 8th inning, and the third pitcher Rodriguez scored his third win.

In Yakult, starting pitcher Ogawa made an effort with 1 goal in the 9th inning, but the relief team did not get enough and the winning streak stopped at 8.