The final round of the men's golf overseas major round 3 and the US Open Championship was held in Massachusetts on the 19th, and only one Japanese player advanced to the final, and Hideki Matsuyama, who started from 17th place, increased his score by 5 in total. I finished in 4th place with 3 unders.

Matsuyama, who advanced to the final round of only one Japanese player at the US Open Championship in Massachusetts, started from 17th place with a total of 2 overs by 6 strokes from the final round on the 19th.

While many players dropped their scores due to difficult course settings, Matsuyama increased his score by two in the first half, and in the second half he sank a long putt in the 12th and 13th par 4s to take a continuous birdie.

Matsuyama, who also made the 16th par 3 a birdie, went around with the best score of 5 birdies and no bogey on that day, and finished in 4th place although he did not reach the lead with a total of 3 unders.

British Matt Fitzpatrick, who started side by side in the lead, increased his score by two and won a total of 6 unders, winning his first American tour in a major tournament.

The second place with a one-stroke difference was Will Zaratris, who started side by side with the top spot in the United States, and Scottie Scheffler, who ranked first in the world.