In professional baseball, league games have resumed and six games have been played.

In the Central League, Yakult, who won the interleague game, increased his winning streak to six.

In the Pacific League, the leader Rakuten and the second-placed Softbank faced each other directly, and the Softbank won and the game difference was reduced to 0.5.

Pacific League

Softbank vs. Rakuten, Softbank won 9-4.

Softbank made a comeback in the 3rd inning of 1 to 3 with Taisei Makihara's No. 4 three-run, and Gracial continued to hit No. 3 solo and No. 4 solo for two at-bats in a row. I hit my home run and stopped the losing streak with 3.

Starting pitcher Senga scored his fifth win with four goals in the sixth inning.

In Rakuten, starting pitcher Masahiro Tanaka threw 5 innings and hit 12 hits including 4 home runs, resulting in 7 runs.

Seibu vs. Orix was won by Seibu 4-2.

Seibu took the lead in the 4th inning with Tonosaki's 2-point timely two-base.

In the 6th inning, Yamakawa's No. 21 solo and Hiranuma's sacrifice fly expanded the lead.

Starting pitcher Takahashi scored his fifth win with two goals in the middle of the eighth inning, and Masuda scored his 16th save.

Seibu has won three consecutive victories.

Orix lost 6 games in a row without a counterattack at the end of the game.

Nippon-Ham vs. Lotte, Lotte won 7-4.

Lotte returned 2 points in the 8th inning of 0 to 4, and in the 9th inning, Yasuda's timely and the opponent's error caught up with the tie, and from 2 out bases loaded, Nakamura Shogo's player's 3-point timely two-base win. I did.

The third pitcher, Fumiya Motomae, scored his second win by keeping four innings from the fifth to the eighth innings without any runs.

Starting pitcher Uwasawa pitched well with no runs in the 7th inning, but the relief team collapsed and the winning streak stopped at 3.

Central League

Yakult vs. Hiroshima was won by Yakult 7-2.

Yakult caught up with Shiomi's timely two-base three times, 0 to 1, and Yamada's two-point timely two-base win.

After the 4th inning, he scored points in a timely manner, such as starting pitcher Cy Sneed.

Pitcher Cy Sneed scored his fourth win with one goal in eight innings, and Pitcher McGough scored his 21st save.

Yakult is the first six consecutive wins of the season.

In Hiroshima, starting pitcher Daichi Ohsera collapsed with 4 runs in the 4th inning, and the team lost 3 consecutive games.

Hanshin vs. DeNA was won by Hanshin 7-5.

Hanshin got one point at a time, but Itohara's two-point timely and Yamamoto's two-point timely two-base scored four points and turned around.

In the 3rd and 6th innings, Oyama hit No. 15 and No. 16 and two consecutive solo home runs to widen the lead.

Starting pitcher Koyo Aoyagi scored four goals in the sixth inning, making his eighth win at the top of the league alone, and pitcher Alcantara made his first save in Japan.

Hanshin has won four straight games.

DeNA's pitchers didn't stick and fell to the bottom.

Chunichi vs. Giants won 2-0.

Chunichi broke the equilibrium with a 2-point timely hit by Abe from 2nd base and 3rd base in the 8th inning of 0-0.

Starting pitcher Yudai Ohno scored his fourth win in eight innings with three hits, no runs, and ten strikeouts.

Pitcher Raidel Martinez, who closed the ninth inning, marked the 16th save and stopped the losing streak with six.

As for the giant, starting pitcher Kanno was tenacious with no runs in the 7th inning, but he couldn't support the batting line and lost 3 consecutive games.