Why did Beijing Shougang choose "righting" Xie Libin


  The Beijing Shougang team announced on the 15th that Xie Libin, who was previously an assistant coach, will become the team's new coach.

At the same time, the team's coaching staff will be further enriched and expanded.

The Beijing Youth Daily reporter was informed that the team will give Xie Libin time to grow up and expect him to improve with the team.

  Beijing Shougang official announcement

  Xie Libin becomes new coach

  The Shougang team lost to the Jilin team in the playoffs last season. After the season, the foreign head coach Yannis, who had coached the team for five seasons, resigned and no longer served as the team head coach. The Shougang team re-selected the coach.

  What type of coach does the Shougang team need?

Whether it is Min Lulei's coaching era or Yanis' coaching period, the emphasis and emphasis on defense has always been the basis of the team.

There are also counter-examples in this regard. In the 2020-2021 season, the Shougang team hired foreign coach Pajagani to coach. He first lost defense and lacked time to reform on offense, so he left the coaching position after a few coaching games.

  At the same time, the new coach must have experience and experience in coaching the CBA.

The Shougang team is not a team composed of young players, and the players need coaches with sufficient familiarity and trust.

Foreign teachers who have not coached CBA teams before can easily fall into the predicament of acclimatization, so local coaches are the first choice.

  Selecting a coach according to such ideas and standards, Xie Libin, the assistant coach of "Rightening", is a choice worth trying.

Xie Libin became the coach in the rematch of the 2019-2020 season and led the team to the semi-finals.

As a rookie coach, it is not easy to have such a record.

In the middle of the 2020-2021 season, the Shougang team went through a painful period of coaching change. Xie Libin was appointed to serve as the executive coach again in a critical situation. He helped the team tide over the difficulties.

Xie Libin has his own advantages. He is familiar enough with the Shougang team, has a good relationship with the players, and has a strong degree of trust.

At the same time, Xie Libin has been the assistant coach of the team since Yannis became the head coach, and he has learned and accumulated for a long time.

All these laid the foundation for him to become the new coach of the Shougang team.

  Xie Libin and Wang Bo

  Similar growth trajectory

  In recent years, more and more young coaches have become CBA coaches.

Including Yang Ming, head coach of Liaoning team, Wang Bo, head coach of Guangsha team, Liu Weiwei, former head coach of Zhejiang team, etc. Although these young coaches are lacking in experience, they have a strong sense of belonging and responsibility to the team. The positions have enthusiasm and dedication, and they are more receptive to the latest knowledge and concepts in the basketball field. These young coaches have achieved many impressive results in leading the team over the years.

  Yang Ming led the Liaoning team to the championship last season.

Wang Bo led the Guangsha team back to the finals within more than a year of coaching, and Liu Weiwei made the team complete a transformation during five years of coaching the Zhejiang team. The Zhejiang team has changed from the previous playoff team to the current top league team. strong team.

  Xie Libin's growth trajectory has many similarities with Wang Bo's.

Wang Bo has been the assistant coach of the Guangsha team since the player retired in 2013. In the 2020-2021 season, he replaced Li Chunjiang as the team's head coach. Last season, Wang Bo led the Guangsha team to the second place in the regular season, and he won the most in the regular season. Excellent coach.

Wang Bo's coaching style is very different from Li Chunjiang, but he can still lead the team successfully.

In addition, Wang Bo is also a relatively gentle Confucian handsome.

  Shougang team will be around

  Xie Libin builds coaching staff

  According to various information obtained by Beiqing Daily reporters, the Shougang team will build a coaching staff around head coach Xie Libin to provide him with the most powerful guarantee.

The Shougang team will give Xie Libin full trust and time, and look forward to him growing up with the team.

  At the same time, the Shougang Club also announced that Wang Xiaohui will be the head coach of the second team of the Shougang Men's Basketball Team.

Beijing Shougang wrote: "Through this adjustment of the coaching positions, there are also outstanding athletes such as Wang Xiaohui who have been diligent and diligent in the CBA for many years and transformed into youth coaches. Their rich professional resumes and practical experience will be taught by words and deeds, for young players. At the same time, the structure of the coaching staff of each team is as diverse as possible, and strive to achieve the overall sustainable development of the club team through the combination of enterprising and experienced new and old.”

  Dialogue with Xie Libin

  It is still a housekeeping skill for the Beijing team to continue the traditional defense

  Xie Libin was interviewed by a reporter from Beiqing Daily yesterday.

Xie Libin said: "Shougang is a team with tradition and heritage. This team needs to stick to what was good before. Our defense has always been a housekeeping skill, and it is also the key to our winning. At the same time, we must give full play to everyone. potential."

  Beiqing Daily: Tell us about the process of becoming the team's head coach this time?

  Xie Libin: Since the end of last season, the team officially took leave. During this time, President Qin (Qin Xiaowen, chairman of Shougang Club) has been communicating with me. She asked me if I wanted to take on more responsibilities and whether I wanted to fight for the position of football. opportunity for the head coach.

With the support of President Qin, I feel that I should take more responsibility and have the confidence to do such a thing.

  Beiqing Daily: After the end of last season, the team has gradually become younger. What are your goals after leading the team?

  Xie Libin: I think the big goal of the team needs to be communicated with the team again, and we will find a more specific goal in the next step.

As I lead the team, the first and most important thing is the attitude of the players. We will build a more competitive platform so that both old and young players can give full play to their potential and mobilize the enthusiasm of each player.

At the same time, I hope our team is the most hardworking and united one.

  Beiqing Daily: You have served as an assistant coach for five years before, and you have also served as an acting coach twice. What stage do you think the coaching has reached now?

  Xie Libin: I worked as an assistant coach in the Shougang team for five years before, during which I served as the acting coach twice.

The experience and growth over the past few years has been a good start for me.

As a coach, you are always challenging yourself.

In the face of these challenges, I put all my efforts into being the best and repaying the trust in me.

This training with the team will definitely be more calm than before.

But at the same time, there will be many new problems that need to be solved.

  Of course, as a head coach, you will have to take on and face a lot more things than when you were an assistant coach before, and you will face a lot more pressure, but I have also experienced these things before, such as the postseason with Guangdong team. Games, and the dozen or so games I coached the team when the foreign coach Pajagani left, these experiences will help me grow.

I believe that as long as we are united, there is no unattainable goal.

  Beiqing Daily: Many people have a mild impression of your coaching. Will it be more severe in the future?

  Xie Libin: I think with the passage of time, I will change in many aspects such as professional ability and coaching style.

In terms of coaching style, in fact, each coach has different characteristics.

How to coach specifically may depend on different situations and players with different characteristics.

Some players, if he's not mentally strong enough, need more encouragement.

If some players are impetuous, they need to be disciplined more severely.

The same is true of the game. If we have a unified mind and implement the pre-match arrangement well, even if the game is lost, as a coach, there is nothing to blame.

However, if the players are not unified in their thoughts, and a player and the team are acting in the opposite direction, they must be pointed out severely and corrected as soon as possible.

  Beiqing Daily: What do you hope to make the Beijing team look like?

  Xie Libin: In the Shougang team, I played for many years as a player, then as an assistant coach, and now as a head coach, I understand the cultural heritage of this team.

In the future, I also hope to give full play to this heritage of the Shougang team.

Defense is the housekeeping skill of this team, and it is also a very powerful weapon. We must persevere and give full play to everyone's potential at the same time.

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