China News Agency, Beijing, June 13th. On the 12th local time, Chinese players reported good news in the international tennis arena. "Post-00" Jinhua Zheng Qinwen won the WTA125 Valencia Championship and became the only Chinese player to enter the top 50 in the world women's singles. , Zhang Shuai won the women's doubles championship in the WTA250 Nottingham Tennis Championships, and Wu Yibing won the ATP Challenger Orlando Championship in the men's singles.

  The "China Derby" was staged in the WTA125 Valencia final of the Professional Women's Tennis Association on the 12th local time. After three fierce battles, No. 3 seed Zheng Qinwen defeated compatriot Wang Xiyu 6:4, 4:6 and 6:3. This is her professional career. The highest level singles title won so far in his career.

  Zheng Qinwen, who was born in 2002, shined in the French Open last month. He defeated the two-time Grand Slam champion and former world No. 1 Halep for the first time in the French Open, and finally entered the top 16, becoming the fourth in history to break into. The Chinese Golden Flower in the top 16 of the French Open.

With this victory, she now ranks 46th in the world, surpassing Zhang Shuai and becoming the only Chinese player to enter the top 50 in women's singles this week.

This also means that China's women's singles has ushered in the "post-00s" and "first sister" for the first time.

  Zhang Shuai, who was surpassed by Zheng Qinwen, made gains in the women's doubles.

At the WTA250 Nottingham Tennis Tournament held on the 12th local time, Zhang Shuai, the top-seeded Chinese player in doubles, and Haddad Maya, a Brazilian player, defeated Doleshid/Niculescu in straight sets in the final to win the women's Double laurels.

  However, in the singles field of the Nottingham Tennis Tournament, Zhang Shuai played as the No. 4 seed in the final eight, and her singles world ranking dropped 13 places to No. 54.

  The men's singles arena also ushered in good news.

At the Men's Professional Tennis Players Association (ATP) Challenge Tournament in Orlando, 22-year-old Wu Yibing took the lead in the final set, but his opponent, Australia's Kubler, withdrew halfway through the match. Therefore, Wu Yibing won the championship again after a lapse of 5 years after the 2017 Shanghai Station. Challenge Champion.

  Wu Yibing defeated four players ranked below 200 on the way to this championship. This week, his singles world ranking has also risen by 285, and currently ranks 332.