In a conversation with the director of MARCA,

Juan Ignacio Gallardo


Javier Tebas

did not avoid any topic, not even his


with the Spanish Football Federation and its president.


has a victim strategy and the rest of us are the victims.


, his uncle... There are many versions. The plot is with him and his team and the rest of us are victims."

And he added that Rubiales, whom he described "as a walking recorder" is not qualified to lead the RFEF.

He clarified that he has no personal problem with him, but that he directs football with mafia techniques.


The clubs are scared. But not only the First Division: First RFEF, the women's... They are withdrawn."

In addition, he lamented the few explanations he has given and the current situation: "In football we cannot be like this."

Tebas launched an appeal to government agencies: "The CSD has an obligation to act. I am going to file a complaint. They will have to say or decide something. I want to emphasize that I have seen the messages with the President of the Government and I have been concerned. In one He calls us corrupt. I also told him that messing with Tebas gives a lot of votes. I know what happened in Viana's pacts. Those three messages have me worried because I'm not naive and football wants freedom and now it doesn't have freedom."

The Pompidou Center was the scene of this talk between Tebas and Gallardo, one of the highlights of the first day of

Marca Sport Weekend


Javier Tebas also addressed the situation of the Spanish League teams and in particular Barcelona and Real Madrid.

He began by explaining the situation of the Catalan club.

"He can sign. If he removes players for 100, he can sign for 33.


he sells assets, he will reduce losses. Until he compensates the 500, he will not be able to go one by one. We brought the pact with CVC for the good of football. we don't like this situation," declared Tebas.

Barcelona's problems

And Tebas continued with his argument: “They come from more than 500 million losses. You have to recover them .


circumstances are losses from Covid, operations, and they anticipated some amortizations.

Covid losses were compensated for five years. They know what to do."

As for Real Madrid, Tebas stated that it has been the best club in the pandemic, but at the same time it has had ideas that are not good for football, such as the Super League.

"It assumes that the 15 most powerful clubs direct football.


said it in the Chiringuito. That is what is dangerous. That domination by the powerful that is in the head of Florentino Pérez, "he added.

The other issue that the president of LaLiga did not hesitate to touch on was financial

fair play

, so fashionable in recent times, and he referred to future plans to try to solve it.

"The sustainability plan is from 2024: it is an attack on the club-states for oversized sponsorships," assured Tebas before referring to the situation of other entities: "PSG has been losing 200 or 300 million per season and so much This and Manchester City were sanctioned by UEFA".

And Tebas continued: "The TAS, in two very strange decisions, lifted their sanction. We are going to denounce because it is impossible to give benefits with the renewal of Mbappé. Also the City with


, because everyone knew how

Mino Raiola

wanted to collect. Not only We are not going to report it to UEFA, but rather to the French legal administration. This is more dangerous than the Super League. It must be stopped. Real Madrid rightly complains about this".

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