In professional baseball, 6 games of interleague play were held on the 9th, and Yakult won and became the single leader with 11 wins and 4 losses in the interleague game.

Hanshin and Softbank came in second with 9 wins and 6 losses.

▼ Softbank vs. Hanshin, Softbank won 4-0.

Softbank took the lead once during Akira Nakamura's infield grounder.

In the 3rd inning, Gracial, in the 4th inning, Taisei Makihara's timely, and in the 5th inning, Despaigne's No. 2 solo expanded his lead.

Starting pitcher Ray kept the number of hits to five and finished the fourth win with a shutout.

Hanshin suffered a shutout defeat for the 15th time in two consecutive games.

▼ Rakuten vs. Hiroshima, Rakuten won 4 to 1.

Rakuten scored 2 points in the 4th inning with Muto's sacrifice fly and Nishikawa's timely.

In the 8th inning, Muto added points on a two-point timely three-base.

Starting pitcher Kishi is the fifth win with no runs in the seventh inning.

We got the winning stars from all 12 teams.

Hiroshima barely returned 1 point in the 9th inning, and for the first time this season, the winning percentage fell below 50%.

▼ In Orix vs. Yakult, Yakult won 2-1.

Yakult took the lead in the second inning with Souma Uchiyama's timely two-base and Okumura's timely.

Starting pitcher Ishikawa scored his third win with one goal in five innings, with a total of 180 professional wins.

In addition, it was the highest number of singles with 27 wins in the interleague game.

Pitcher Konno, who closed the 9th inning, made his first professional save.

Orix didn't take the opportunity.

▼ Seibu vs. Giants, Giants won 4 to 3.

The giant won two points in a timely manner with Kazuma Okamoto and Wheeler five times, one-on-one.

And in the 7th inning, Tateoka expanded his lead in a timely manner.

Starting pitcher Akahoshi scored his third win with one goal in five innings, and many pitchers scored his 21st save.

The giant stopped the losing streak with three.

Seibu has lost seven games in a row after starting pitcher Sumita scored a winning star in his first professional pitch with three goals in the middle of the fifth inning.

▼ Lotte vs. Chunichi, Lotte won 2-0.

Lotte took the lead in the 2nd inning with Yamaguchi's No. 5 solo, and in the 7th inning, Ogino added 1 point in a timely manner.

Starting pitcher Romero scored five hits in eight innings and scored his fourth win with a good pitcher without any runs.

Lotte has won four straight games.

In the middle of the 7th inning, starting pitcher Matsuba was tenacious with 2 runs, but there was no support from the batting line.

Chunichi has lost three games in a row.

▼ Nippon-Ham vs. DeNA, DeNA won 4-2.

DeNA caught up with Kuwahara's No. 1 solo in the 5th inning of 1 to 2, and in the 8th inning, Maki and Miyazaki won 2 points in a row.

In the 7th inning, Escobar, who had a good relief in a pinch of 2 outs, 1st base and 2nd base, won his second victory.

Nippon-Ham was struck by the fourth pitcher, Tamai.