Hwang Hee-chan, who scored a thrilling goal in the match against Chile, has enlisted for basic military training.

Hwang Hee-chan, who wore a hat with his short hair pressed down, headed to the training center as his family saw him off.

[Hwang Hee-chan/Soccer national striker: Mom is crying]

[Hwang Hee-chan/Soccer national striker: I will go and come Grandma~ (stay healthy and well)]

Just before enlistment, after firing a cool medium-range cannon against Chile, after the game, a group salute Hwang Hee-chan, who was seen off by his colleagues, promised to return with a stronger image, although it was a short three-week training.

[Hwang Hee-chan/Soccer national striker: I think I was a little surprised when I looked in the mirror after I shaved my head after a long time...


As much as I entered (training camp), I want to go out by making good times and good memories.]