The facts denounced are extremely serious.

This Thursday, the disciplinary committee of the district of Gironde will study the events which led to the stoppage of the final of the departmental cup between Football Club Loubésien and Cenon Lusitanos, last Sunday, in the 57th minute of play. Saint-Loubès player is accused of racist remarks towards one of his opponents of the day.

In solidarity with this teammate, the players of Cenon Lusitanos had left the field at the time of the events.

At the start of the week, FC Loubésien condemned its own player, apologized to the authorities and affirmed that the alleged author of the remarks was going to leave the club immediately.

Alexandre Gougnard, the president of the district of Gironde, says he is "appalled" with France Bleu.

It is not known at this time if this match will be replayed.


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