Make good use of the "baton" in the sports high school entrance examination (campus sports observation)

  General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized, "We must adhere to the educational philosophy of health first, strengthen school sports work, and promote the coordinated development of youth cultural learning and physical exercise."

To implement this important requirement, it is necessary to continuously deepen the teaching reform, comprehensively improve the conditions for running schools, actively improve the evaluation mechanism, effectively strengthen the organizational guarantee, give full play to the function of sports people, and help students enjoy fun, enhance their physique, improve their personality, and exercise their will in physical exercise. .

As the summer vacation is approaching, various localities and departments have made many attempts to strengthen and improve school physical education and youth physical exercise. This edition has launched a series of reports on "Campus Sports Observation", so stay tuned.


  Recently, various places have successively carried out the physical education examination for the senior high school entrance examination (hereinafter referred to as the physical education entrance examination), which has aroused widespread concern in the society.

Since the 1990s, the middle school entrance examination has been added to physical education. For more than 30 years, the seriousness, scientificity and authority of this school physical education evaluation mechanism have been continuously improved in the adjustment and improvement, and the guiding role for the physical health and all-round development of teenagers has become more and more significant. .

  The "Opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening and Improving School Physical Education Work in the New Era" issued by the Central Office and the State Office put forward "promoting the reform of school physical education evaluation", requiring "to improve the content, methods and scoring methods of physical education in the senior high school entrance examination, scientifically determine and gradually improve. Points", pointing out the direction for strengthening and improving related work in the future.

Our reporter recently visited the examination room, campus and interviewed industry insiders to discuss how to make good use of the "baton" of the sports high school entrance examination.

  Guangzhou, football has become a popular choice for candidates

  "Bounce the ball, run around the pole, pass and catch, and shoot in 45 seconds." Li Hui, a third-year student of Binjiang School of Guangzhou No. 5 Middle School, took the football test in this year's sports middle school entrance examination and got a perfect score of 15 points.

When introducing her experience, she credits her daily exercise: "Every day I get out of school, I arrange about 30 minutes of exercise time, I run 800 meters after school, and I spend 2 hours practicing football on weekends."

  In May, the Guangzhou Sports High School Entrance Examination was successfully held.

This year is the second year of the "three major balls" as the second-class elective item, and the majority of candidates choose football.

Data show that a total of 111,464 people in the city participated in the sports high school entrance examination this year, and 98,547 people took the football examination. Correspondingly, there were 56,892 people in the project last year.

According to reports, the football project mainly assesses students' basic ball and basic skills. The standard for full marks is 47.3 seconds for boys and 49.3 seconds for girls.

  "Many students have been exposed to football in elementary school, and they will give priority to engaging in this project in junior high school," said He Guosheng, a physical education teacher at Guangzhou Huanghua Primary School.

According to reports, this year's Guangzhou sports high school entrance examination is divided into two parts. The first category is long-distance running and swimming, and the second category is jumping, throwing, and ball. There are 8 items and 2 items to be assessed, plus the physical quality of junior high school 3 years. Comprehensive evaluation, a total of 70 points.

Many candidates have been involved in football for a long time, and the number of people who choose it as an exam item remains high.

  "Guangzhou, as a national youth campus football reform pilot area, has a profound football heritage and a strong football atmosphere." Zha Feng, a physical education teacher at Guangzhou Zhenguang Middle School, believes that the high proportion of football candidates comes from the city's campus football teachers in recent years. , venue, teaching efforts.

According to statistics, among the 1576 primary and secondary schools in Guangzhou, 236 national campus football characteristic schools, 270 provincial campus football promotion schools, and 1020 municipal campus football promotion schools have been established.

  "Setting up the 'three major balls' assessment items will help students master special sports skills, cultivate team awareness and rule awareness." Lin Haiying, director of the Sports Health and Art Education Department of Guangzhou Education Bureau, said that football assessment is a set of coherent actions. "This can avoid the situation of practicing a single movement for the test, and also allow students to understand the connection between technical movements, comprehensively learn and master this project, and experience the fun of sports."

  Qujing, step by step to improve the full marks of the sports high school entrance examination

  In 2023, Yunnan Province will usher in the first batch of candidates with a full score of 100 in the physical education high school entrance examination.

In recent years, school physical education and examination content have attracted much attention.

  In 2019, the Yunnan Provincial Department of Education adjusted the total score, items, calculation methods, etc. of the physical education entrance examination: starting from 2023, the physical education full score of the senior high school entrance examination will be increased from 50 to 100; 40% is included in the total score; the test content is divided into three parts: basic physical fitness test, special skills test, physical health monitoring and competition bonus items.

  Wu Siyi, a second-year student at No. 7 Middle School in Qilin District, Qujing City, caught up with the reform of the physical education entrance examination in the first year of Xiaoshengchu.

Each school year's sports tests are included in the total score, and a large number of professional sports elective courses have been added, but the little girl did not feel "increased burden", but got more sports fun in basketball.

  "There are more and more female classmates playing with me now." Wu Siyi liked basketball since she was a child, but she could hardly find girls of the same age to play with.

After basketball became an elective item for the sports middle school entrance examination, many students began to contact and like this sport. Wu Siyi has more "ball friends" and can have a ball game from time to time after class.

  The students had a good time, but they were busy with Yu Qiangyou, the head of the music, sports and beauty teaching and research group of Qilin District No. 7 Middle School.

Talking about the changes in physical education in recent years, his most intuitive feeling is the increase in class hours and the variety of categories: in class, after organizing students to practice middle and long distance running, during the break, the volleyball is assigned to the students, and he has to guide one by one tossing, flipping, In the next physical education class, basketball and badminton will be taught. Between classes, the school also arranges training programs such as seated forward bends and standing long jumps.

"In general, compared with before the reform, students have mastered more sports and their proficiency has also improved." Yu Qiangyou said.

  "In the past, there was a situation of unannounced sports practice before the third grade exam, but now the exam actually starts from the first grade, which helps to guide students to develop exercise habits as soon as possible." said Li Ruhua, director of the competition management and youth sports department of the Qujing Education and Sports Bureau. "However, there are still differences in the conditions for running schools between urban and rural areas and between schools. Some schools have insufficient physical education teachers, and some schools lack relevant hardware conditions in the short term. In the future, we will further make up for the shortcomings and gradually promote the reform of the physical education high school entrance examination."

  Reform, to highlight the educational philosophy of health first

  From the perspective of industry insiders, "promoting the reform of school sports evaluation" mainly focuses on two aspects: assessment content and scoring mechanism, and the purpose of the reform is to practice the educational philosophy of health first.

  The original intention of the physical education entrance examination is to promote the all-round development of students' morality, intelligence, physique, beauty and labor, and the content of the assessment should be based on the interests of children.

According to Wu Jian, director of the Institute of Physical Education, Health and Art Education of the Chinese Academy of Education Sciences, in the past 10 years, more and more places have included collective sports such as the "Three Big Balls" in the sports middle school entrance examination. A compulsory item, "This is a good phenomenon. After all, group items have higher exercise value and are more popular with students."

  Zhuang Bi, executive director of the Guangdong Provincial School Sports Innovation and Development Research Center, introduced that football in the Guangzhou sports high school entrance examination has become a popular test item. In various places, more attention is paid to the construction of teachers and venues for ball games.

This also reminds all regions to "comprehensively strengthen and improve school sports work, and continue to make efforts in teacher training and teaching resources."

  By strengthening and improving the physical education entrance examination, perfecting and perfecting this evaluation system, students can be guided to participate in physical exercise more actively.

In Wu Jian's view, Yunnan's introduction of a 100-point physical education high school entrance examination is a bold and beneficial attempt. "This greatly strengthens the importance of physical education, which is consistent with the purpose of curriculum reform in the new era," but it should also be noted, " Compared with the score of the test, it is more important to grasp the proportion of the total score of the sports performance.”

  Zhong Bingshu, a professor at the Capital Institute of Physical Education, participated in the revision of the compulsory education physical education and health curriculum standards of the Ministry of Education.

In his opinion, "The full score of the Yunnan sports high school entrance examination is adjusted to 100. It is an attempt to improve the influence and importance of the sports high school entrance examination. It is worthy of reference." It consists of two parts, the usual procedural examination and the on-site unified examination. The on-site unified examination also includes two aspects: physical fitness test and skill test.

In the future, it is necessary to scientifically determine and gradually increase the score. "The physical education entrance examination should be included in the comprehensive quality evaluation and academic level evaluation, and the proportion of the two parts and the two aspects should be scientifically balanced." Zhong Bingshu said.

  The "Healthy China 2030" Planning Outline proposes that by 2030, "the national student physique and health standard meet the standard and excellent rate of more than 25%".

In this regard, Zhuang Bi suggested that in the future, more attention should be paid to the connection between the teaching content and the assessment content of physical education. "After the 'new curriculum standard' is promulgated, I hope to guide school physical education from 'practice what is tested' to 'what is taught' What to test'. Let the sports high school entrance examination be an important means to achieve the goal."