In professional baseball, six interleague games were played.

Yakult, the leader in the interleague game, defeated Seibu in a timely manner, such as in the third year of Nagaoka, and won four consecutive victories.

Yakult 5-3 Seibu

Yakult vs. Seibu was won by Yakult 5-3.

Yakult won 3 to 3 in the 6th inning with Nagaoka's timely hit, and added 1 point to Shiomi's timely two base.

Starting pitcher Takanashi scored his fourth win with three goals in the sixth inning, and McGough made his 17th save.

Yakult has won four straight games.

Seibu suffered five consecutive losses, and the number of losses was the highest in this season, "4".

Giants 4-10 Lotte

Giants vs. Lotte, Lotte won 10-4.

Lotte scored additional points with Martin's No. 5 solo and Toshiya Sato's No. 2 solo in the 5th inning with a 3-2 and 1-point lead.

In the 8th inning, Martin hit the second run of the game, No. 6 Three Run, and in the 9th inning, Laird also hit the second run of No. 11 solo.

Lotte scored 10 points, the highest number this season, with five home runs offensive.

I stopped the losing streak with 3.

The starting pitcher, Fumiya Motomae, is the first win of the season with 4 goals in 5 innings.

The giant's pitchers lacked vividness, and the winning streak stopped at 3.

Hiroshima 2-5 Orix

In Hiroshima vs. Orix, Orix won 5-2.

Orix made a comeback in the 7th inning of 1 to 2 with a 2-point timely two-base hitter by Pinch Hitter Adachi, and added 2 points by Fukuda's squeeze play and Mune's infield hitter.

Starting pitcher Miyagi scored his fifth win with two goals in the sixth inning, and Orix is ​​the first five consecutive wins of the season.

Hiroshima failed in the pitcher relay and lost three games in a row, with a winning percentage of 50%.

Chunichi 7-3 Softbank

Chunichi vs. Softbank won 7-3.

Chunichi made a comeback by scoring 3 points with 4 consecutive hits such as 0 to 1 once, Viciedo's timely two base and Abe's timely.

In the 5th inning, Abe added points in small steps such as hitting in a timely manner and pushed it out.

Starting pitcher Yanagi scored his fifth win with three goals in the sixth inning, and Chunichi is the third consecutive win.

In Softbank, starting pitcher Sugiyama did not stick with 5 runs in the 6th inning.

DeNA 5-6 Rakuten

In DeNA vs. Rakuten, Rakuten won 6-5.

Rakuten made a comeback in the 9th inning of 4 to 5, with Asamura's No. 9 Touran from 1st base.

The fourth pitcher, Anraku, kept one inning to zero and won the fourth.

Pitcher Yuki Matsui made his 15th save, and Rakuten stopped the losing streak with three.

DeNA turned around in the 7th inning, but pitcher Yamazaki was a miscalculation.

Hanshin 8-3 Nippon-Ham

In Hanshin vs. Nippon-Ham, Hanshin won 8-3.

In the third inning, Teruaki Sato's timely hit and Oyama's No. 13 three-run scored four goals.

After that, I was forced to make a one-point difference, but in the 8th inning, I pushed it out with a 3-point timely three-base hitter by Onodera.

Starting pitcher Masashi Itoh scored his second win with three goals in the sixth inning, and Hanshin has won five straight games.

In Nippon-Ham, starting pitcher Yoshida did not shake with 4 runs in the 3rd inning, resulting in 4 consecutive losses.