Professional baseball giant Shigeo Nagashima, honorary director for life, met with Lotte pitcher Roki Sasaki before the match between Giants and Lotte on the 3rd. I made a comment through.

On the 3rd, before the professional baseball exchange game at Tokyo Dome, the Giants vs. Lotte game, Mr. Nagashima met with pitcher Sasaki, who is scheduled to start, in the stadium.

According to the team, Mr. Nagashima asked pitcher Sasaki about his height and shook hands, and then sent an ale saying, "Do your best. I've always watched it on TV for the third year."

After the visit, Mr. Nagashima commented through the team, "I was tall and had a good physique. I threw a straight and forkball that I fell in love with, and yet I was the best pitcher with great control."

On top of that, "In the 80 years I've seen, Shigeru Sugishita, Masaichi Kaneda, and Kazuhiro Sasaki were number one, but now Roki Sasaki is number one." He named the pitcher and sent a compliment.

He also commented on Ko Matsukawa, a first-year high school catcher who teams up with pitcher Sasaki, saying, "Matsukawa is also a wonderful catcher. I'm looking forward to future growth."