He had however announced that he wanted to compete in the Champions League with his future club.

Obviously, Alexandre Lacazette has changed his mind.

The 31-year-old striker, at the end of his contract at Arsenal, will join Olympique Lyonnais, according to



It's a homecoming for the international with 16 selections, born in the Rhône prefecture and who played at OL between 2003 and 2017, before crossing the Channel for 53 million euros.

The future ex-captain of the Gunners is coming out of a more complicated season than the previous ones, which undoubtedly prompted him to revise his continental ambitions downwards (the club of Jean-Michel Aulas, 8th in Ligue 1, is not even qualified for the C4).

A salary halved?

According to the sports daily, if Lacazette will receive a tidy signing bonus when he arrives free, he should halve his salary.


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