The Japanese national football team will face Paraguay on the night of the 2nd at the Sapporo Dome in a warm-up game that will be held from 7 pm.

Before the World Cup Qatar tournament, which starts in November, it will be the first chance for players to show their ability to become a representative member of this tournament.

We will keep you updated on the progress of the match.

【Representation from Japan】

▼ Starting member


23 Schmidt Daniel


22 Maya Yoshida

3 Shogo Taniguchi

2 Miki Yamane

26 Hiroki Ito

<MF / FW>

8 Genki Haraguchi

6 Wataru Endo

18 Takuma Asano

9 Daichi Kamada

15 Kaoru Misaki

21 Anri

▼ Reserve player


1 Eiji Kawashima

12 Shuichi Gonda

28 Keisuke Osako


5 Yuto Nagatomo

4 Yuto Itakura

20 Yuta Nakayama

<MF / FW>

14 Junya Ito

19 Toru Furuhashi

24 Daizen Maeda

25 Kiyo Ueda

17 Ao Tanaka

11 Takefusa Kubo

[Paraguay National Team]

▼ Starting member


22 Santiago Rojas


2 Alan Benitez

3 Omar Alderete

15 Brass Liberos

5 Luis Sarate


21 Oscar Romero

10 Miguel Almiron

20 Richard Sanchez

18 Andres Kubas

< FW>

9 Gabriel Avalos

7 Derlis Gonzalez

▼ Reserve player


1 Antony Silva

12 Juan Espinora


4 Santiago Arzamendia

14 David Martinez


8 Richard Ortiz

16 Angel Cardoso Lucena

17 Jorge Morel


11 Angel Romero

19 Jesús Medina

23 Hosue Colman

[Highlights of the Paraguay match]

The world ranking is 23rd in Japan, while Paraguay is 50th.

Paraguay was unable to qualify for the World Cup Qatar tournament after losing in the South American qualifying round.

Japan national team coach Hajime Moriyasu said, "I want to simulate in the form of the first league and the final tournament after that because the World Cup will also fight in the middle 3 days" for the strengthening game and 4 games in June. While using many players, I would like to try things that can be tried, such as system changes depending on the situation. "

In addition, Director Moriyasu said in the second match against Brazil, which is ranked first in the world ranking, on the 6th of this month, "I am thinking of appointing the players who have fought in the final qualifying so far", in the match against Paraguay. In the final qualifying, it is expected that the members who have few chances to participate will come into play.

Players who have achieved results in their clubs, such as Daichi Kamada, who won the Europa League as the axis of attack in the German 1st division, and Ritsu Doan, who scored 11 goals in the official game this season in the PSV of the Dutch 1st division. It is also a point that the national team can show brilliance and appeal.

<Paraguay National Team>

▽ World Ranking: 50th place (March 31, 2022)

▽ Past match results with Japan National Team: 4 wins, 4 draws, 2 losses

▽ Match results with Japan (last 5 games)

・ May 2008 27th △ 0-0 (strengthening match)

・ June 29, 2010 △ 0-0 (PK3-5) (World Cup South Africa Final Tournament Round 1)

・ September 4, 2010 ○ 1-0 (strengthening match )


・ June 12, 2018 ○ 4-2 (strengthening match)

・ September 5, 2019 ○ 2-0 (strengthening match)

[Future plans of the Japanese national team]

6/6 (Monday) Warm-up match vs. Brazil (Tokyo)

6/10 (Friday) Warm-up game vs. Ghana (Hyogo)

6/14 (Tuesday) Warm-up game vs. Chile or Tunisia (Osaka)

7/19 (Tuesday) East Asian Championship Against Hong Kong (Ibaraki)

7/24 (Friday) East Asian Championship vs. China (Aichi)

7/27 (Monday) East Asian Championship vs. Korea (Aichi)

9/19 (Monday) -9/27 (Tuesday) To be determined

11/23 (Wednesday) World Cup Qatar Tournament 1st League vs Germany

11/27 (Sun) World Cup Qatar Tournament 1st League vs. Intercontinental Playoff Winner

12/1 (Thu) World Cup Qatar 1st League vs Spain

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