Seiya Suzuki of the Cubs, a major league baseball player who is on the list of injured people due to a sprained ring finger on his left hand, told me on May 31 that he said, "It hurts even if I wash my hair. I want to use it for. "

When Suzuki stole the base in the Reds game on May 26, he stabbed his finger into the base with his left hand and was replaced on the way. I entered the list of injured people.

Suzuki continued to make adjustments with the team even after he was injured, and in addition to dashing before the game on the 31st, he did not catch the catch ball and only threw the ball with his right hand. I did.

Suzuki, who was interviewed before the game, showed the affected area to the press and said, "I thought it was broken the moment I stabbed my finger, so I'm glad I didn't break it. It hurts even if I put it on, and it hurts even if I wash my hair. "

Right now, the ring finger bends only about half, and the index finger is in a state where it is difficult to apply force. "Since it is said that you should not hold the bat for about 3 days, you can only do tea batting with your right hand. I am practicing so that I can move without any pain such as running bases. "

At the earliest, he will be able to return to the major leagues on June 6, but Suzuki said, "I have a strong desire to play the game early, but if I don't have a situation where I can get a full four at-bats, it will bother the team now. I think it's time that God has given me to devote myself to treatment, and I'll use it effectively. "