Lotte's pitcher Roki Sasaki, who achieved a perfect game in April, started on the 1st of the mid-term announcement of the fan voting for the professional baseball all-star game to be held in July, and is the top pitcher in the Pacific League's starting pitcher category. I stood in.

Fan voting for the All-Star Game began on May 26th, with the first interim announcement on June 1st.

As a result, Lotte pitcher Roki Sasaki took the lead in the Pacific League starting pitcher category with 36,896 votes.

Pitcher Sasaki was the youngest player in history to complete a perfect game against Orix on April 10.

He has pitched perfectly up to 8 times in the next pitching against Nippon-Ham on the 17th, and has pitched in 9 games so far without losing 5 games.

Rookie Ko Matsukawa, who has teamed up with pitcher Sasaki for the first year of high school graduation, is also at the top of the Pacific League with 38,333 votes in the catcher category.

In addition, Seibu's No. 4 Hotaka Yamakawa is the first division of the Pacific League, and has collected more than 52,000 votes, which is the highest in both leagues.

On the other hand, Teruaki Sato, who was in the second year of the Hanshin Tigers, had the most votes in the Central League, collecting 41,171 votes in the outfielder category.

In addition, a large number of rookie pitchers, who are the first in the draft of the giant, have collected 35,503 votes in the restraint pitcher category and are at the top.

The final result of the fan vote will be announced on July 6th.

The All-Star Game will be played on July 26th at the PayPay Dome in Fukuoka City, and the second round at the Bocchan Stadium in Matsuyama City on the 27th.