There will be spectators in the opening game of the Chinese Super League

  News from this newspaper (Reporter Li Li) With the Dalian team entering the Chinese Super League, the countdown to the start of the new season of the Chinese Super League has officially entered.

At 19:30 on June 3, the league will hold its opening ceremony in Haikou.

After the opening ceremony is the opening game, against the defending champion Shandong Taishan team and the "promoted" Zhejiang team.

Tickets for this game will be sold to the outside world, and fans need to show a negative 24-hour nucleic acid test certificate to watch the game.

  This season, the Chinese Super League will be played in 3 divisions, of which Shanghai Haigang, Shanghai Shenhua, Guangzhou, Hebei, Wuhan Changjiang and Wuhan Sanzhen are in Dalian; Beijing Guoan, Shenzhen, Cangzhou Lions, Tianjin Jinmen Tigers, Chengdu Rongcheng and Meizhou Hakka are in the Meizhou Division; Shandong Taishan, Changchun Yatai, Guangzhou City, Zhejiang, Henan Songshan Longmen and Dalian are in the Haikou Division.

  Compared with the grouping plan in the first stage of the first three competition areas, in order to minimize the impact of the disbandment of the Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic Team, the grouping of the three Chinese Super League competition areas has not been greatly adjusted. The first stage of the Dalian team will go to the Haikou competition area, while Not fighting at home.

  At present, the work of the league is progressing in an orderly manner.

Regarding the sudden withdrawal of the Chongqing team, the Chinese Football Association also has some considerations.

In the relevant notice issued on the 27th, the Football Association confirmed that the league will add a temporary domestic transfer window, and the window period will end before the start of the Chinese Super League on June 3.

During the transfer window period, each Chinese Super League, China League One and China League Two clubs can transfer up to 3 professional players from the former Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic Team respectively.