Xiaohua Zheng Qinwen enters the top sixteen of the Grand Slam for the first time, and the

   next round of challenges is now the world's first

  On the evening of May 28, Beijing time, the third round of the women's singles match at the 2022 French Open started between the host player Ke Ne and the 19-year-old Chinese teenager Zheng Qinwen.

Zheng Qinwen, who set foot on the center court of the French Open for the first time, played well. In the first set, with his excellent hand, he made it difficult for Kone to fight and won 6-0.

Then, with Zheng Qinwen leading 3-0 in the second set, her opponent retired due to injury. Zheng Qinwen advanced to the top 16 of the Grand Slam for the first time. She also became the fourth person to reach the top 16 of the French Open after Zheng Jie, Li Na and Zhang Shuai. Chinese golden flower.

After winning, she signed "Come on Zheng Qinwen" on the camera lens.

In the next round, Zheng Qinwen will face off against the world's No. 1 Swatek, who is in hot condition this season.

  This is the first time Chinese teenager Zheng Qinwen has landed on the French Open main stage, but he defeated the former world No. 1 Halep in three sets, setting off a red dust at the French Open.

In this game, the Chinese teenager attacked Kone's serve at the beginning and succeeded at the first break point.

The 32-year-old French player Cone advanced after a hard three-set battle with Grand Slam champion Ostapenko. This time, his legs were wrapped in bandages.

In the baseline matchup, the 19-year-old turned up his speed and forced a break point again.

On the key points, Zheng Qinwen played steadily. From cutting the ball to control the rhythm to the violent forehand drawing the winning point, Zheng Qinwen made a good start 3-0.

  In his own serve, Zheng Qinwen improved the quality of his serve from the very beginning.

On the bottom line, Kone couldn't keep up with Zheng Qinwen's speed, so he could only risk defending with a small ball.

As Zheng Qinwen stepped up his movement on the court, it was difficult for Corne to score in Zheng Qinwen's serve in the first set.

As Zheng Qinwen won the sixth game of the first set, he "delivered eggs" to his opponent.

  At the beginning of the second set, as the French spectators entered the stadium to cheer on the host players, Kone also tried to improve the quality of the serve to change the speed of the ball.

However, in the first serving game of Kone, Zheng Qinwen got 3 break points and broke serve easily.

Keene once tried to apply for a medical officer to enter the field for an injury examination, but was rejected by the chief referee.

  In the face of the unexpected situation, the Chinese teenager was not disturbed by off-field factors, and still took the same rhythm into the next serving game, and won it as he wished.

In Corne's second serve, the French player was more slow in moving, giving up both the corner and the net.

Obviously, Kone's mobility was really disrupted by injuries, and retirement was the only option.

With Zheng Qinwen leading 9-0, Kone walked back to the sidelines to shake hands with Zheng Qinwen and announced his retirement.

  So far, the Chinese teenager Zheng Qinwen played in the French Open for the first time and completed the important task of advancing to the top 16 on the center court.

Zheng Qinwen also happily wrote "Come on Zheng Qinwen" in Chinese on the live camera.

It was the first time he stepped into the center court of the French Open and won the game in this way. Maybe Zheng Qinwen tried his best to suppress his excitement under his calm appearance.

  The biggest significance of this victory is to help Zheng Qinwen build her confidence on the clay court.

In previous interviews, Zheng Qinwen once said that he has no preference for clay court games and is still willing to play hard court games.

However, her training at the Barcelona Tennis School in Spain in the past two years has allowed her to develop a good sense of the ball on the clay court.

In this French Open, Zheng Qinwen did not suffer in the tug-of-war in front and back, even in the face of defense master Halep.

It can be said that Zheng Qinwen has established himself as the strongest player on clay in the first battle of the French Open.

  Next, Zheng Qinwen will encounter the world's No. 1 and Polish newcomer Swatek in the round of 16.

Previously, Swatek defeated Kovinic in two sets and won his 31st victory of the season.

Zheng Qinwen can just challenge the strongest players in the women's tennis today to test his strength.

Text / reporter Chu Peng