The final of the rugby and league one playoff tournament was held at the National Stadium, where Panasonic beat Suntory 18-12 to win.

League One is a league that started by renewing the top league until last year with the aim of strengthening the Japanese national team and community-based management, and the first champion was Panasonic.

Trajectory to Panasonic victory

Panasonic has made a new start by relocating its headquarters from Ota City, Gunma Prefecture to Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture.

However, in January, when the league started, the team was infected with the new coronavirus, and it started from the undefeated two games in a row from the opening game.

Even so, after that, players who have experienced the World Cup, such as Keita Inagaki and Shota Horie, who are "man who does not laugh", pulled in and showed overwhelming strength with 14 consecutive victories in the subsequent league games.

It has a systematic defense that makes the best use of the thickness of the player base, and the number of goals conceded in the league match was the second lowest among the 12 teams in Division 1.

In the end, Panasonic became the first champion of League One without losing even once after the undefeated two games in a row since the opening.