The call to get basketball star Brittney Griner released from prison in Russia is now being raised further.

The world's greatest women's basketball team, the WNBA, and several of the sport's prominent players have now written invitations to the White House and President Joe Biden.

And ask for his help.

"Brittney Griner has been illegally detained in Russia since 17 February.

I urge the White House to prioritize Brittney's return home, "Brooklyn Net's Kyrie Irving wrote on social media.

"It has been 100 days since our friend was wrongly imprisoned in Russia.

It's time for her to come home, "writes Griner's national team teammate Breanna Stewart.

Extended detention

Griner has been in custody since February, suspected of having illegal drugs in a bag.

Russian authorities are said to have found e-cigarettes with traces of cannabis oil in her luggage.

Such a crime can result in up to ten years in prison in Russia.

In mid-May, her detention was extended by one month.