The disturbing images of the use of tear gas against football fans during the entrance chaos at the Stade de France had a long-lasting effect.

A "catastrophic picture of France" was drawn before Liverpool FC's Champions League final against Real Madrid on Saturday, the newspaper "Le Figaro" wrote.

In a preliminary balance sheet, the police registered 238 injuries and 105 arrests around the final.

A number of photos and videos appeared on social media that showed at least a disproportionate use of the security forces at the stadium.

The European Football Union UEFA explained the chaos by the high number of fans without valid tickets.

The turnstiles at the Liverpool entrance were blocked because thousands of supporters who had bought counterfeit tickets were unable to get through, UEFA said late Saturday night.

This caused traffic jams.

The kick-off was postponed to allow as many fans as possible with tickets to enter.

The police used tear gas, UEFA said.

The continental federation expressed sympathy for those who had been affected by the incidents and announced that it would work with the French police and the French federation.

According to the police, the injuries were "minor" injuries and the care was provided on site.

"Incompetence of the organizers"

The French sports newspaper "L'Équipe" saw "an absolute fiasco".

It was an "incompetence on the part of the French organizers" that "could have had dramatic consequences if the Liverpool fans hadn't been infinitely patient".

Police officers from the English Merseyside Police, who were also on site, defended the fans, the BBC reported.

Their behavior at the turnstiles was "exemplary under shocking circumstances" and they were "100 percent not late," emphasized the emergency services.

After the game, there was further criticism of those involved in the sport, sometimes despite the title.

Former world champion Toni Kroos was one of the two worst players in the Champions League final in Paris for “L'Équipe”.

Like only Liverpool's Luis Diaz, Real Madrid's Kroos received only three out of ten possible points as a grade, plus a scathing criticism.

"He was the biggest disappointment on Real's side," wrote the journal.

By the way: As the third person involved in this game, Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp only received three points.

With his decision to rely on the former Bayern professional Thiago despite the health problems, he was "ill-advised", it was said: "In addition, his changes had little effect on the game." The international press writes about the final in Paris:



"Ici c'est Madrid.

Real Madrid raise their 14th European Cup to the skies over Paris after a memorable final against Liverpool and an emotional journey against PSG, Chelsea and City that is already part of club, football and sporting history.

Carlo Ancelotti and Karim Benzema were the great architects of a victory that no one believed in and celebrated like none before.

(...) Endless glory for the white team that won the Champions League in the most brilliant way.”

"El País":

"The glory of Real Madrid is infinite.

The Whites claim their 14th European Cup with a colossal Courtois and a goal from Vinicius enough against a deserving Liverpool.”


"14 times champion!!!

It is impossible not to love her.

Real take the fourteenth title with an exceptional Courtois and a goal from Vinicius.

Liverpool set the tone, but in the end Ancelotti's side's experience prevailed in the toughest tournament in history.

Heroic, inexplicable, paranormal or supernatural.

A never-ending legend.”