In the second round of the championship final of the men's basketball B League, Utsunomiya Brex won the Ryukyu Golden Kings 82-75, winning the second consecutive victory in five seasons.

In the second round of the B League Championship Final, where the team that won the first two wins wins, Utsunomiya, the wild card who won the first round, and Ryukyu, who is aiming for the first victory, played against Ryukyu.

In the first quarter, Utsunomiya's point guard Seiji Ikaruga scored 8 points with this quarter alone, with a 3-point shot, leading Utsunomiya to 21-12.

Ryukyu, on the other hand, sank in the second quarter, Keita Imamura's three-point shot and Ryuichi Kishimoto's drive to the inside, but couldn't close the gap and returned to the first half with an 8-point lead from Utsunomiya.

In the third quarter, Ryukyu grabbed the pace with an attack that made use of the height of Dwayne Evans, succeeded in a temporary reversal, and at the end of this quarter, it was close to one point difference.

In the 4th quarter, Utsunomiya defended the lead with consecutive goals from the start, and in the final two-point lead scene, ace Makoto Hiejima scored a shot while receiving a foul, and Utsunomiya showed strength in the game 82 He shook off Ryukyu against 75 and won his second victory in five seasons with two consecutive victories.

Hiejima of Utsunomiya was selected as the MVP of the championship.