In professional baseball, six interleague games were played, and all Pacific League teams won.

▽ Rakuten vs. Yakult, Rakuten won 3 to 1.

Rakuten took the lead in the 1st inning with Asamura's timely, and expanded the lead in the 7th inning with Asamura's 2 points timely.

Starting pitcher Takahiro Norimoto scored five hits in eight innings and scored his third win with a good pitcher without any goals, and Rakuten stopped the losing streak at home with seven.

Yakult pitched well with starting pitcher Ishikawa scoring 1 goal in the 5th inning, but there was no support from the batting line.

▽ In Softbank vs. Hiroshima, Softbank won 8-0.

Softbank added 4 points to Taisei Makihara's 2 consecutive home runs in the 3rd inning with 1 point lead, 4 points in the 4th inning with Mimori's 6th touring, and Shuto's now in the 6th inning. He expanded his lead with the first tour of the season.

Pitcher Matsumoto, who threw the second person, won the second victory, and Softbank won the third straight victory.

Hiroshima lost four games in a row with a shutout loss.

▽ Seibu vs. DeNA, Seibu won the goodbye 3-2.

Seibu decided the match in the 9th inning of 2 to 2, with Kuriyama hitting the first solo home run of the season.

Pitcher Masuda, who was the fourth pitcher to hold down nine times with three, became the winning pitcher for the first time in two years.

Seibu won the first goodbye of the season and returned the winning percentage to 50%.

DeNA caught up with the difference of 2 points, but could not attack with a chance of bases loaded with 2 outs in the 8th inning, and in the end, the fifth pitcher Hirata was hit.

▽ Orix vs. Chunichi, Orix won 8-0.

Orix led 5 points with Keita Nakagawa's timely infield hits and Ota's timely two-base by the 3rd inning, and in the 7th inning, Sugimoto and T-Okada who recovered from the injury made a continuous home run. Added points.

Starting pitcher Miyagi pitched 7 times with no runs in pitches that used slow and fast, and was the 4th win.

In Chunichi, starting pitcher Yanagi collapsed to 5 goals in the middle of the 3rd inning, and Chunichi's winning streak stopped at 3.

▽ Lotte vs. Hanshin, Lotte won 3-2.

Lotte took the lead in the second inning with Takabe's timely lead, and in the third inning, Laird's two-point timely two-base scored additional points.

Starting pitcher Romero scored his third win with no runs in the sixth inning, and pitcher Masuda, who finished the game, is his tenth save.

Hanshin missed the chance of a grand slam in the 1st inning, and in the 8th inning, Teruaki Sato caught up with No. 12 Touran, but it was not enough.

▽ Nippon-Ham vs. Giants, Nippon-Ham won 7-2.

Nippon-Ham won 1 to 1 twice between Sugiya's short ground ball, and in the 4th inning, Sugiya and Go Matsumoto, and Kamikawabata and Mannami added 4 points in a timely manner to widen the lead. I did.

Starting pitcher Nemoto won his first professional victory with 5 hits and 5 runs and 2 runs.

The giant couldn't play the role of starting pitcher Yokokawa with 5 runs in the middle of the 4th inning.