68 people arrested in Paris over "Champions Final Chaos"

Paris police said that 68 people were arrested in the French capital amid the chaos of the Champions League final, and the match saw Real Madrid beat Liverpool 1-0 yesterday.

The Paris Police Department said in the early hours of this morning that it had made 68 arrests in connection with the match.

Local media also quoted the authorities as saying that the firefighters made 238 interventions for minor injuries.

The police force had stated earlier that "a number of fans who do not have tickets to attend the match obtained fake tickets and obstructed access to the Stade de France," adding that the pressure of these fans to enter the stadium led to a delay of nearly 40 minutes.

At first the organizers explained that the delay was due to security issues and then later because of the late arrival of the fans.

UEFA said that "the turnstiles that lead to the Liverpool seats did not open to thousands of fans who bought fake tickets that do not work at the gates."

"This resulted in a congestion of fans trying to get in. As a result, kick-off was postponed by 35 minutes to allow as many fans with original tickets as possible to enter."

UEFA confirmed that the police dispersed the fans using tear gas and added: "UEFA expresses its sympathy to those affected by these events and will review these matters urgently with the police and authorities in France and with the French Football Federation."

At the same time, Liverpool said it had formally requested "a formal investigation into the causes of these unacceptable problems".

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