Kiwoom, who placed 2nd in professional baseball, beat Lotte and ran for 6 straight wins.

We won the game with a fantastic defense that didn't choose the infield or outfield.

Byung-min Yoo.


Kiwoom's Yasujin showed great defensive focus throughout the game.

Second baseman Hye-seong Kim blocked Hak-joo Lee's batted ball with a diving catch, and in the 4th one-out 1st and 2nd base, he jumped up and caught Ho-yeon Lee's sharp batted ball and turned it into a bottleneck.

Catcher Kim Jae-hyeon blew away Seong-bin Hwang's surprise bunt, and center fielder Jeong-hoo Lee did not miss the ball while sitting down even when he almost collided with Puig.

And in the 9th two-out lead 4-0, the changed catcher Ji-young Lee flew to the Lotte dugout and caught a foul ball and ended the game.

Kiwoom, who placed 2nd place in the parade in the lake rain that didn't discriminate between the inside and the outfield, ran for 6 straight wins without hesitation.

Samsung escaped from a five-game losing streak with a comeback victory over LG.

The game was overturned by tying up 6 hits in the 7th inning, which was led 4-2, and a fierce battle with the opponent, and scored 5 points.

Leading SSG won an exhilarating comeback victory over KIA with Han Yoo-seom's two-run home run and Kron's back-to-back solo home run.

Doosan won 1-0, Youngbong win over NC thanks to Kwak Bin's 5 innings of goalless pitching from starter Kwak Bin, and Hanwha scored 8 points in the 9th inning against NC 4-4, winning all 3 consecutive matches with KT.