“Ahead of the game, the turnstiles were blocked by fans who bought fake tickets that did not work on the turnstiles.

This has led to a congestion of fans trying to get inside,” a statement on the official UEFA website reads.

The statement also notes that as the number of people outside the stadium grew, the police began to disperse them with tear gas and forced them to leave the stadium.

UEFA promises to look into this incident with the French police and authorities, as well as with the French Football Federation.

 According to a message on the scoreboard before the match at the Stade de France in Paris, the start of the game was delayed due to the late arrival of fans.

However, later it became known that some fans were able to enter the stadium bypassing security and law enforcement agencies had to close the passages.

The police also fired tear gas at the fans.

Seven Paris police officers were injured before the Champions League final after a fight with fans.

Real Madrid beat Liverpool 1-0.

The winning goal was scored by Vinicius Junior (60th).

Earlier, the English football club Liverpool demanded an official investigation into the riots that occurred at the stadium before the start of the Champions League final.