After being accused of "slavery to Saint Germain", Messi is angry with the President of Barcelona

The statements of Barcelona club president, Joan Laporta, two days ago when he accused Paris Saint-Germain and its president Al-Khelaifi of unacceptable financial practices, and forcing players to wear the Paris club shirt, and likening this to “slavery” caused widespread controversy, and great anger, especially by his former star. Argentine Lionel Messi.

Laporta called on his two former stars, Messi and Brazilian Neymar, to get rid of this "slavery" that is practiced on them in the French club.

Today, the British newspaper "Daily Mail" revealed that Lionel Messi's father, and his business manager, Jorge, spoke in an angry tone to the Spanish radio station "Cadena Ser", stressing that his son is very angry with Laporta, and does not want the Barcelona president to involve him in his conversations.

He revealed that he personally called Porta two months ago, asking him the same thing, but he talks about Messi every time, which causes great inconvenience to Lionel, stressing that his son did not leave Barcelona at all because of the money, other than Laporta's statements.

The Barcelona president had said in an interview with the newspaper "Esport de Catalunya": Neymar and Messi signed a bondage contract with Paris Saint-Germain.

He continued: Will Neymar return for free?

All these players have to return one day to Barcelona for free.

We are not now in a position to make deals that cost us a lot, especially with these types of players, and even if we had the money we wouldn't do it, because this would be completely illogical and crazy.

Laporta accused Paris Saint-Germain and its Qatari president, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, of spoiling the game in Europe, and said that the French club "kidnapped Mbappe from Real Madrid," noting that what happened was against the principles of fair play in the European continent.

He said: Although we do not want our direct competitor to be stronger, but the most important thing is to take care of ourselves, while what happened from Paris is kidnapping and unclean financial play.

It is noteworthy that Al-Khelaifi convinced Mbappe to renew his contract, after he was close to moving to Real Madrid, and the new contract for Mbappe is considered the largest ever in sports contracts with players, as he received about 150 million euros net as a contract renewal bonus, which has never happened in the history of The ball, besides the highest salary in the world of football, with a net worth of 50 million euros.

Mbappe became the highest in terms of benefits and salary, as well as 100% rights to exploit his image, compared to his colleagues Messi and Neymar.

Laporta had said that Messi and Neymar would not be able to get rid of their contracts with Paris because of the "power of money", as Messi earns a salary of about 45 million euros net annually, and 36 million euros for Neymar.

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