As part of the selection of the venue for the World Championships in Athletics in 2025, the Evaluation Committee of the World Athletics Federations visited the National Stadium in Tokyo.

The Japan Association of Athletics Federations aims to hold the World Championships in Athletics in 2025 at the National Stadium in Tokyo.

In selecting the venue for this tournament, five members of the World Athletics Federation's evaluation committee visited Japan for an inspection and visited the National Stadium on the 26th.

On the track of the stadium, Mr. Murofushi of the Japan Sports Agency, who won the gold medal in the men's hammer throw of the 2011 World Championship, met the evaluation committee and said, "Last year's Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics are safe and secure under the difficult situation of Corona. I think it is important for the government to continue to disseminate the legacy both domestically and internationally. "

Asuka Terada, a female 100-meter hurdle who participated in the Tokyo Olympics while raising her daughter, accompanied her to the tour, saying, "Last year's Olympics could not be seen by many spectators at the National Stadium. I hope the athletes will enjoy the World Championships of the year with a large number of spectators, and I hope it will be an opportunity for sports fans to enjoy themselves. "

Regarding the 2025 World Championships, Sebastian Coe, President of the World Championships in Athletics, proposed to use the National Stadium as a legacy of the Tokyo Championships.

The venue is scheduled to be decided in July, and if it is held in Japan, it will be the third time following Tokyo in 1991 and Osaka in 2007.