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On the occasion of the Champions League final at the Stade de France, the hoteliers of the full Saint-Denis intend to take advantage of the influx of supporters from Liverpool and Madrid.

For several weeks, the establishments have been full.

For the few remaining places, prices have doubled or tripled.

"Sold out, 600 euros per night", the Saint Denis plain hotel benefits from the Champions League effect for the night of Saturday May 27 to Sunday May 28.

Stormed by supporters from Spain and England, there are only a few rooms left in the hotel establishments now three days before kick-off.

Prices that have doubled or even tripled

Prices that have doubled, even tripled in some cases.

The Spanish and English supporters pay astronomical sums for a simple bed at the foot of the Stade de France, for the night from Saturday to Sunday.

"For two people, it's 650 euros and that's without breakfast. With it, it's 685.65 euros," explains the receptionist of a 4-star hotel.

Prices well above the usual prices.

"Normally, it's 130 euros, sometimes 250, but it doesn't go beyond that", comments the employee of another hotel.


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"We haven't taken reservations for 15 days, three weeks"

Despite exorbitant prices, all the hotels in the area are almost full.

Sometimes there is only one room available 72 hours before kick-off.

Others are full.

“We have not taken reservations for 15 days, three weeks”, explains the receptionist of another hotel establishment.


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On the side of rentals between individuals, same story.

No room for less than €470 per night within 5 kilometers of the Stade de France