Tournament veteran Manuel Neuer sees a risk of overload in the tight schedule of the national soccer players ahead of the Winter World Cup in Qatar.

For the first time, the world champion is determined in the middle of the season.

The big question for coaches, pros and fitness experts is: are the football stars more likely to be in peak physical and game form at a tournament during the game than at a finals held at the end of a grueling season?

Or are you going to the World Cup, which starts on November 21st, rather exhausted because of the tight schedule?

“One will see.

You can't say that now," Neuer replied at the German national team's training camp in Marbella, given the lack of experience.

Nevertheless, he is sceptical.

“I think the program is just very, very busy.

There are only English weeks for the teams that play internationally," said the 36-year-old goalkeeper from FC Bayern Munich, who has played in all World Cups and European Championships since 2010.

From the end of July to mid-November, the Bayern professionals have 15 Bundesliga match days, six group games in the Champions League, two DFB Cup rounds and the Supercup against cup winners RB Leipzig at the start of the season on July 30th.

Then there are two Nations League games with the national team at the end of September against Hungary and England.

That's a maximum of 26 competitive games in 15 weeks.

There is just over a week between the last Bundesliga match day and the start of the World Cup.

There is no real tournament preparation for national coaches like Hansi Flick this time.

Neuer hopes that the high stress will not lead to failures at the World Cup.

"It will be important for all teams that the players are also fit for the tournament," said the 2014 world champion. Because: "The best thing about a World Cup is that the players that every football fan knows are there."

His goalkeeper colleague Kevin Trapp, meanwhile, makes no claims in the national team despite his brilliant performances on the way to the Europa League triumph with Eintracht Frankfurt.

"I don't come here with any expectations.

It doesn't matter what position I'm in now.

I don't expect anything," said the 31-year-old in Marbella.

He simply wanted to "continue the performance from the past" and "show" national coach Hansi Flick.

In the upcoming Nations League games against European champions Italy (June 4th and 14th), England (June 7th) and Hungary (June 11th), Trapp beckons the seventh international match of his career.

As of now, the Frankfurter forms the goalkeeper trio with Neuer (Bayern Munich) and Marc-Andre ter Stegen (FC Barcelona) at the World Cup in Qatar.

“Neuer is still an exceptional goalkeeper who has been delivering an exceptional performance for over a decade.

I enjoy working with him," said Trapp.