Kosovar Asllani's contract with Real Madrid extended even this season and so far she has not wanted to say anything about her upcoming plans.

- You'll see then.

No comments on that, Asllani told TT in April.

However, she confirmed that she had received offers from several different clubs, but no more than that.

"Can not describe in words what I want to say"

After the 0-4 loss to Barcelona in the semifinals of the Copa de La Reina on Wednesday night, the star writes on Instagram:

“Thank you for everything Madridistas.

Right now I can not describe in words what I want to say, except that you will always have a place in my heart ”.

Kosovar Asllani was the first major signing when Real Madrid - under the then club name CD Tacón - launched its women's venture in 2019.

The coach confirms the dismissal

Coach Alberto Toril is said to have confirmed at the press conference after the semi-final loss that Asllani made his last match, writes Aftonbladet.

"She has announced that she is leaving," said Toril, according to journalist Mayca Jiménez Durillo on Twitter.

Asllani scored 17 games and three goals last season at Real Madrid.

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