Salama Al Khatri studies biochemistry in Britain and represents the UAE national team

"University" performs its exams "remotely" to ensure participation in the "International Fazza Badminton"

Badminton national team star Salama Al-Khateri.

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The national team player for People of Determination, Salama Al-Khateri, 21, was forced to miss her external studies at the College of Biochemistry in Britain, and to take her quarterly exam “remotely” to ensure competition in the “Fazza International” badminton championship, which is currently being held in the Shabab Al-Ahly club hall. And organized by the Dubai Club for People of Determination until the day after tomorrow, with the participation of 247 male and female players from 30 countries.

Al-Khatri told "Emirates Today": "The keenness to participate in the tournament, despite the lack of time and the proximity of exams, was behind my request for official permission from my university in Britain to take the quarterly exam scheduled for today (remotely), with the aim of ensuring participation, and gaining experience of contact with elite players. The world and get more rating points, as this particular version includes many of the (Tokyo Paralympic 2020) champions.”

And she continued, "My desire is greater to ensure my academic and athletic excellence at the same time, and since my first participation with the youth team in the 2018 Asian Championship, and I am keen to distribute my efforts between my academic excellence, which qualified me among the top achievers in the country to study abroad at Durham University in Britain, and between work. On developing my badminton performance.”

And she added, "Organizing the championship on state soil is an irreplaceable opportunity, as an athlete cannot develop his level that guarantees him attaining Olympic glory, without contact with the Olympic champions."

She stressed that she is determined to excel in her studies, as well as to achieve her dream of participating in the "Paris 2024 Paralympic Games".

It is noteworthy that the UAE national team in the current edition of "International Fazza" consists of Al-Khatiri and her colleague Hamid Al-Sinani.

• It seeks to combine academic and sports excellence, and dreams of participating in the "Paris Paralympics 2024".

The stars of the “Tokyo Paralympic” outperformed on the second day

The second day of the "International Fazza Badminton" witnessed the brilliance of the "Tokyo Paralympic" champions, as Malaysian Chia Lu, the gold medalist of the "Tokyo Paralympic", outperformed by overcoming the Indian Karan Lehu obstacle in two sets without a response, at the end of the preliminary round, and Japan's Diaki Nakade achieved Obtaining the wheelchair gold over his Indonesian counterpart Andre Vagel by the same result, before the Tokyo champion in another classification category snatched the Indian Bar Mod, a victory over the Cameroonian Az Dori by “2-0”, then crossed the Hong Kong champion Kai Mong and the silver holder of the Tokyo Games, card Crossing into the second round by defeating Japan's Yoh Hai with the same score.

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