Shohei Ohtani of the Major League Baseball Angels will be the next starting pitcher for the Blue Jays on the 26th and 27th Japan time.

So far 3 wins 2 defeats ERA 2.82

This was revealed by Angels coach Maddon at a pre-match press conference on the 24th.

Last time, Otani started in the Rangers game on the 18th and kept the 6th inning to 2 goals, but he didn't win or lose.

As a pitcher so far, he has played the role of starting rotation with 3 wins and 2 losses and an ERA of 2.82, aiming for the 4th win against the Blue Jays that will be held at the home base from 10:30 am on the 26th and 27th Japan time.

The Blue Jays have a strong hitting line, including Guerrero jr., Who competed with Otani for the home run king last season.

Otani practiced pitching with a bullpen before the game on the 24th and threw 37 pitches to make adjustments for the next pitching on the 7th.

In the match on the 28th of local time and 29th of Japan time, pitcher Yusei Kikuchi of the Blue Jays is scheduled to start the pitch, and it will be the first time since July last year if a match with batter Otani is realized.