Ryota Yamagata, who holds the Japanese record for the 100-meter track and field men, will miss the Japan Championship next month, which also serves as the representative selection for the World Championship.

Yamagata had surgery on his right knee last October.

Yamagata held a Japanese record of 9.95 in the men's 100 meters and was the captain of the Japanese team at the Tokyo Olympics last year, but he hurt his right knee after the Tokyo Games and underwent surgery last October. I did.

According to his affiliation, Yamagata will miss the Japan Championships, which will open in Osaka on the 9th of next month.

Yamagata has not broken the standard record for participation in the world championships, and it has become difficult for him to become a representative.

Yamagata, who is eager to participate in the Paris tournament two years later, wrote on his SNS, "I am very sorry that I cannot participate in the race at the 30th anniversary, but I am reforming for next year, so a little more. We would appreciate it if you could give us some time. Thank you for your continued support. "