• The best riders in the world are present in Montpellier for the 25th anniversary of the Fise, from this Wednesday until Sunday.

  • 500,000 people are expected for this free event, halfway between sport and cultural phenomenon.

  • Children of the street, urban sports are gradually integrating federal and Olympic structures, but intend to preserve their alternative culture.

He is back.

After two years of purgatory due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Fise will once again set fire to the banks of the Lez in Montpellier, from this Wednesday until Sunday.

A free and major event, halfway between two worlds.

Sports and culture.

The one from the street.

“The heart of Fise are the riders, with their street codes, their culture, their clothes, their music.

We are very attached to it”, specifies the organizer Hervé André-Benoît.

Extreme sports have conquered a new world: that of the Olympic Games, of federal structures.

Recognition and, in return, a little more framework in a world that likes to free itself from codes.

“The most important issue is to keep both the cultural side and the sporting side, without there being any confusion or opposition, evokes Carlota Dudek, one of the great French hopes of the break, Olympic discipline in Paris.

As much on the part of the disciplines as of the federation, there is a great acceptance of each environment.

We build the project together.


“Street culture: we are the guarantors of this DNA”

These two worlds, which for a long time looked askance at each other, have discovered common interests.

A facelift for the Olympic Games and the federations.

Comfort for athletes.

“This official framework has brought us the status of high-level athlete, continues the one who represented France at the Youth Olympic Games.

I was able to arrange my classes, for example.

It allows better support, more visibility and interest from sponsors.

It is fundamental for athletes”

Moving forward without denying one's roots, the street, urban culture, is the challenge for athletes who accumulate millions of views on social networks by conveying both sports performance and the breath of freedom.

Street children, extreme sports want to stay that way.

“25 years ago, we were thrown out of places where we rode.

Today, communities like Montpellier or the Occitanie region allow us to practice our passion and make these territories shine.

It's a great turnaround when you look at where you come from, explains Alex Jumelin, a BMX legend, who teaches at the Fise Academy in Baillargues.

But for all that, we continue to ride in the street.

It's our DNA and we guarantee it.



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